Press release

First Global Gold Medal for Innovative Project Management Enterprises, Showcasing World-class Project Management 

2018 Nov 2

On October 30, 2018, Award Ceremony of International Project Management Association (IPMA) 2018 Global Project Excellence Award has been held in Helsinki, Finland. 

Thousands of project management elites from all over the world talk about the trend and frontier issues of global construction project management, and wait for the reveal of winner of the Global Project Excellence Award. 

During the presentation, Inner Mongolia Minority Sports Culture Project(hereafter referred to as Racecourse Project), which is managed by Chongqing Liansheng Construction Project Management Co., Ltd., Member Unit of BV (hereafter referred to as BV Chongqing Liansheng) finally wins the Global Project Excellence Award. This Award is the first prize in the field of Project Management Consultation Enterprises, which is a pioneer in the project management industry. 

As the earliest non-governmental project management organizations, the association was founded in Lausanne in 1965, and the professional awards it established arethe highest honors in the field of International Project Management. Especially Global Project Excellence Award established in 2001, which can be referred to as the "Oscar Award" in Project Management.  

IPMA Annual Global Excellence Awards is not easy to win. Not only the quality, safety, investment and progress of the project under evaluation shall meet the international standard, but also it shall be generally recognized by all stakeholders. The Judging Panel put more importance on the creation of project value, which means they investigate the team's comprehensive ability and technology, as well as the management methods, tools, systems, process, new technology and local culture and environment.

Through 6 months of application, review, evaluation and reply, the Racecourse Project finally wins in many international projects, which is contributed by BV’s domestic advanced and world-leading management ability. 

The Racecourse Project with an area of 1,800 acres and a total investment of RMB 0.83 billion, was selected as the main venue of the 70th anniversary of the founding of Inner Mongolia autonomous region. Due to the complex construction process, high construction requirement and other difficulties resulting from its peculiar design, complex architectural structure and short contract period, it brought huge challenges to the whole-process management and plan implementation of the project.  

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the Project, BV Chongqing Liansheng has used its excellent creating ability based on integrated project management mode and BIM technology, which provide overall technical consultation and support for the whole process, as well as management and investment consultation and quality & safety control.

Under the integrated management system, BV Chongqing Liansheng will package and integrate management technology, various types of consulting and supervision, realize one-stop service, and open up the links for construction, design, bidding, etc. The revolutionary BIM technology will be used to manage the large complex of the Racecourse, which is a brave attempt and great innovation. This practice has raised the conceptual application and partial management of technology to a systematic, all-round, multi-dimensional management level of the Project. It has become the typical case of "integrated process management based on BIM technology" led by Bureau Veritas. 

On August 8, 2017, the 70th anniversary of the founding of Inner Mongolia autonomous region was successfully held in Racecourse and won high praise of Central Delegation. 

BV has been committed to providing world-leading services in order to help customers increasing challenge in quality, health, safety, environmental and social responsibility since its foundation. Adhering to the core values of honesty and trustworthiness, objectivity & fairness, customer orientation and safe working, BV has won recognition from and authorization of most countries and international organization.  

The management mode and BIM technology innovation of BV Chongqing Liansheng in project management have become the driving force of BV Chongqing Liansheng. Up to now, BV Chongqing Liansheng's Inner Mongolia Minority Sports Culture Project has won Gold Award of China's Steel Structure, Bentley Global Awards, Jin Yu award, Grassland Cup and many international awards by using its world-leading management technology into actual operation. It has built solid market reputation and brought confidence for the Company.