Press release

Bureau Veritas's " Prevention Excellence Label" ensures successful rollout of CPCIC

2020 Sep 21

2020 China Petroleum & Chemical International Conference (CPCIC) is quickly approaching. In the new norm of epidemic prevention and control, this conference will strictly implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control at all levels and ensure that solid and detailed epidemic prevention and control work is in place. Meanwhile, Bureau Veritas, a world-famous testing, inspection and certification service organization, will conduct a comprehensive review on the prevention and control work of the conference with the solution of "prevention excellence label", and resolutely ensure strict epidemic prevention and control precautions are in place for the successful rollout of the conference.

As an industry pioneer in the field of auditing and certification, and in response to the global pandemic, Bureau Veritas has developed the " Restart Your Business with BV" solutions, meeting the requirements of various industries to restart their business. Amongst all, " prevention excellence label" is a set of customized solutions, which can meet the needs of epidemic prevention and work resumption in all sectors of the economy. By training teams in effective hygiene good practice and checking that preventative measures are properly formulated and implemented, it has been proven to address specific risks in all the places where people live and work.

CPCIC is an annual activity attracting wide range of attention and anticipation across the industry. Through the independent third party's compliance audit of epidemic prevention, excellent prevention is achieved and transparency is maintained to ensure that the 2020 conference is held under the best health, safety and hygiene conditions.

In the "post epidemic era", rebuilding trust has become a major challenge. Businesses and public institutions that open their facilities to the public need to be able to demonstrate to customers and users that they have implemented the necessary protective measures, and companies in the industrial, construction and service sectors need to be able to provide protection for employees at the work site or office after work resumption. With "prevention excellence label", today we have the ability to meet the new expectations of our society in terms of health and safety.