Companies are increasingly being held accountable for their social impacts across the supply chain, with consumers looking closely at business’ ethics and social practices. Organizations are expected to be fully transparent. They need to demonstrate a responsible approach to labor, materials sourcing, production, workplace equality and more.

Bureau Veritas offers audits and third party certification to several standards for social and ethical business practices across the value chain. These solutions help clients boost their reputation and build stakeholder trust. With certification from Bureau Veritas, companies can credibly prove claims of fair and ethical treatment of employees and contractors, and implementation of best practices throughout the supply chain.


Consumers are increasingly aware of the social and ethical impacts of their purchases, pushing companies’ responsible labor, sourcing and social policies into the spotlight. Bureau Veritas audits client organizations’ ethical business practices. We offer Social Accountability (SA8000) certification, the internationally accepted standard for social responsibility, and conduct SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audits (SMETA) and customized social audits.  Bureau Veritas also provides audits with a strong focus on social and ethical responsibility for specific industries, including pharmaceuticals, metal and steel.


Creating an equitable workplace where men and women are treated equally and fairly is key to attracting top talent and improving company reputation. Bureau Veritas certifies organizations to Gender Equality standards, helping businesses define areas for improvement and take action to support equal opportunities and representation for women.