Press release

BV TSI Certification Supports "Going Global" Of China Rail Transit For Cross-Border Railway Interconnection

2020 Nov 18

On November 13, 2020, Bureau Veritas (hereinafter referred to as "BV"), a world-famous third-party testing, inspection, certification and technical consulting agency, successfully held a seminar on requirements for overseas TSI certification of rail vehicles and components in Qingdao. Many technical experts from BV and guests from rail transit industry shared and discussed how to help China's rail transit "go global" with high standards and high quality.

Mr. Niu Yongwang, Deputy General Manager of Power & Utilities, Industry Business Group of Bureau Veritas and Sales Director of Industry Business Group, said in his opening speech that the development of China's rail transit industry chain will become more and more important, as China's 14th 5-year plan proposes to enhance innovation capacity, upgrade industrial base and modernize industrial chain. As a third-party service provider specialized in testing, inspection, certification and technical consulting, BV will also accordingly make its contributions. China is the most important market of BV, and the rail transit industry is one of the core industries of BV. As always, we have been relying on technical resources of European HQ and global network to deeply cultivate the Chinese market. In the field of rail transit, most international standards come from European standards. If recognized by the EU, the rail transit products will as a result gain access to the EU market, further promoting access to the markets beyond the EU. "The belt and the Road" Initiative is pushing China's rail transit "going global" at a high speed. How China's railway vehicles and parts with independent intellectual property rights can be recognized by EU, and how to effectively support and guarantee enterprises to further expand overseas markets and speed up the pace of internationalization through product certification remain general concerns to the industry. Through this seminar, we hope that we can create opportunities in interaction, solve problems in cooperation, and thus achieve common progress and growth.    

In recent years, China's rail transit equipment has made a leap forward, from relying on import to "going global", and the total output value of rail transit vehicles and equipment has leaped to the first place in the world. Mr. Li Feng, a key Account Manager of BV, said that BV, with a history of more than 190 years, has accumulated rich global experience and strong professional technical support and comprehensive service capacity by providing services for the quality, safety, health and sustainable development of various industries. In the process of rapid development of China's rail transit manufacturing industry to the international market, BV actively participates in the global rail transit construction, provides supervision, independent safety assessment, system certification, product certification and consulting services for the rail transit industry to support the rapid and high-quality development of the industry.  

Under the new pattern of dual cycle development, the rail transit market will continue to develop steadily. At the same time, technological revolution and industrial operation mode reform centered on information technology, artificial intelligence, and new energy are constantly promoting the rail transit industry to seek new development opportunities. In addition to traditional technology services, BV is actively engaged in digital innovation and smart industry transformation services to empower Chinese enterprises. Bureau Veritas will keep up with the pace of industrial development and strive to give full play to its own advantages to help China's rail transit meet the international advanced standards and go further.