Press release

Bureau Veritas Awards Shanghai Solar Energy Research Center the Title of "Strategic Cooperation Laboratory" to Jointly Expand the Photovoltaic Market 

2020 Oct 10

Recently, Bureau Veritas (referred to as BV), a world-renowned testing, inspection, certification and technical consulting service organization, and Shanghai Solar Energy Engineering Technology Research Center Co., Ltd. (referred to as Shanghai Solar Energy Engineering Technology Research Center) successfully inaugurated the "Strategic Cooperation Laboratory". Jia Wei, General Manager of Shanghai Solar Energy Engineering Technology Research Center, and Qian Fengwei, Assistant General Manager, Tian Lei, Deputy General Manager of Bureau Veritas and General Industrial Business Group, Yang Yanming, Manager of New Energy Department, and representatives of both parties attended the unveiling ceremony.

Since the global petrochemical crisis in the 1970s, solar photovoltaic power generation technology has attracted great attention of governments in various countries. Amid the rapid development of international photovoltaic industry, the installed capacity of global photovoltaic power plants has increased from approximately 130 GW in 2013 to a global cumulative total of over 600 GW in 2019, an increase of nearly five folds in just 6 years. As a manufacturing and technology R&D center of the photovoltaic industry, China has witnessed leap-forward development of both installed capacity of photovoltaic power plants and photovoltaic technology through government policy guidance, but at the same time the market requires a higher quality and better performance for photovoltaic products.

Shanghai Solar Energy Engineering Technology Research Center operates in accordance with the ISO 17025 system and is now an IECEE-accredited CB laboratory with CNAS/CMA certification, which is capable of providing professional technical services regarding photovoltaics, energy storage and fuel cells, especially the whole-process quality monitoring, testing and certification services. Its core businesses include: Inspection and quality assurance/quality control of photovoltaic manufacturing plants, third-party laboratory testing of photovoltaic modules, inspection and evaluation of energy storage products and systems, inspection and evaluation of fuel cell products and systems, etc.

Founded in 1828 and headquartered in Paris, France, Bureau Veritas currently has approximately 1,500 offices and laboratories with more than 78,000 employees in 140 countries around the world, providing professional first-class services and innovative solutions to over 400,000 clients. In China, BV's sales network covers 55 cities. In response to the continuous technological updating of the photovoltaic industry and the constant increase in testing requirements, BV can provide a wide range of services from design and supplier reviews in the development stage, to equipment quality monitoring and control, acceptance testing of delivered equipment and project management consulting and support during the construction period, and further to the overall test acceptance, due diligence and routine inspection of power plants and other services during the acceptance and operation period.

In the future, BV will continue expanding its strategic cooperation with Shanghai Solar Energy Engineering Technology Research Center in the photovoltaic field. This inauguration will lay a solid foundation for the future cooperation between the two parties. In the future, both sides will further explore and try more strategic cooperation models, make full use of each other's extensive sales network and testing advantages, so as to promote the innovative development and quality control of the photovoltaic industry.