Press release

"Restart Your Business with BV" Bureau Veritas is on hand to support business resumption with appropriate health and safety conditions across all sectors

2020 Apr 30

Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspection and certification (TIC) services, has developed a suite of solutions to support companies of all sizes as they restart business activity.  

Didier Michaud-Daniel, Chief Executive Officer, commented:

"More than ever, our role as an expert, independent third party is crucial to creating the conditions for trust in this restart period. Bureau Veritas is committed to deploy all efforts worldwide to help its clients protect the health and safety of their employees and customers. Our geographical presence in 140 countries and unrivalled experience in certification processes are considerable assets as they enable us to provide companies, public authorities and society as a whole with our services and our in-depth knowledge of local specificities and regulations."

"Restart Your Business with BV" has been developed in collaboration with a range of experts and stakeholders. Bureau Veritas’ objectives are to:

  • Ensure that health, safety and hygiene procedures put in place for the resumption of activity meet local and international regulations, as well as recognized best practices
  • Confirm that the procedures defined are relevant to the specific needs of the company’s area of business, and that they are effectively implemented
  • Deliver a certification or a conformity label thanks to its role of trustworthy independent third party.

David Xun Wang, SVP, CEO of CIF China, commented:

"China is one of the most important markets in our global strategy. Since March, the Chinese market has started the resumption of production. Bureau Veritas is also taking active actions, providing health and safety services for large project as Wuhan Metro, Jiamin Logistics Park and others,  and making positive contributions to accelerating the recovery of the market.

Bureau Veritas focus on needs of customers, and the end customers of our customers, their needs is the source of our concern. Take the tourism industry as an example, consumers' concerns about environmental hygiene will directly affect the occupancy rate of hotels and the attendance rate of restaurants. The entire industry has been hit hard by the epidemic. As for consumers, how to ensure safety and health, is also a difficult problem. At this time, the Bureau Veritas Label represents the reputation of nearly 200 years. It brings safety to consumers and performance to our customers."

"Restart Your Business with BV" is designed to address the risks specific to all places where people live and work from construction sites and factories to offices, hotels, restaurants, shops and public facilities. Recently, Accor and Bureau Veritas launch a label based on sanitary measures to support the return to business in the hospitality and restaurant industry. The label will cover both accommodation and catering, and will set the sanitary standards. The output of this effort will be an operational guide made available to all stakeholders in the hospitality industry, enabling them to rigorously apply the health and safety recommendation both in guest services spaces and in back office and catering spaces. As part of the “Restart your business with BV” program, it will help hospitality and restaurant industry to rebuild their confidence.

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