Press release

Bureau Veritas "Prevention Excellence" label to be a New Trend to Revive the Industry

2020 May 9

Just after the "Labor’s Day" holiday, the tourism and shopping market seems to be showing signs of recovery after a long silence. However, the studies show that under cautious forecast, the total number of tourists in 2020 is expected to drop by 34.97 percent compared with the same period last year. Obviously, this is a contradiction node of "the body is not moving while the heart is far away". Consumers and staff of various sectors, from the hotel, catering, retail, large shopping malls to sports venues, have become increasingly concerned about hygiene, health and safety.

It is a common problem for each industry to prevent potential risks, restore the original business state under good health, safety and hygiene conditions, and regain the trust of stakeholders. The state also attaches great importance to this issue and requires all localities to summarize the effective measures that are conducive to the prevention and control of the epidemic as well as the resumption of the business in tourist attractions, restaurants, accommodation and shopping malls.

As one of the global leaders of auditing and certification, Bureau Veritas has developed the customized solution of “Prevention Excellence Label” series solutions to meet the needs of economic sectors to restart their business. The solution verifies the compliance of protection measures by means of on-site or remote audit of 10 key standards and more than 50 audit standards, and a mystery visit within 6 months, and the Bureau Veritas certificate and "Prevention Excellence" label are provided.

The label can be widely applied to provide protective measures compliance verification for public in retail or public service authorizations. For example, to hotels, restaurants, retail, their main stakeholders are final customers; to public buildings as schools, libraries, hospitals, the public authorities & institutions will gain the benefit; to private businesses, industrial, construction, commercial offices are the target places for protective measures compliance.

Take the hospitality industry as sample, recently, Bureau Veritas and Accor launched a label based on sanitary measures to support the return to business in the hospitality and restaurant industry. The output of this effort will be an operational guide made available to all stakeholders in the hospitality industry, enabling them to rigorously apply the health and safety recommendation, both in guest services spaces and in back office and catering spaces.

The "label" audits are designed to address specific risks in various work and life scenarios. With nearly 200 years of reputation for endorsement, Bureau Veritas enables consumers and staff to see the "label" as if seeing you in person and to be reassured to consume and work. As part of the “Restart your business with BV” program, it will help hospitality and restaurant industry to rebuild their confidence.

You can be granted the label ‘‘Bureau Veritas Prevention Excellence”.

You can then communicate and comfort your customers and staff through:

  • A sticker displayed on your shopfront or reception area
  • A banner on your website or social networks
  • You will also appear on the consumer website which lists all certified businesses worldwide!

Step by step approach: how to obtain the label?

  • Reach out to Bureau Veritas to order online on
  • You will receive a good practices guides.
  • A couple days later, an auditor will contact you and perform a site or video inspection on over 50 test criteria.
  • If all inspection criteria are met, you will receive your physical label and communication kit Bureau Veritas Prevention Excellence in a couple of days, and you will instantly appear on our public website.
  • A mystery visit will take place within 6 months in person in your establishment.

Among the 10 test criteria to obtain the label:

  • Management commitment to prevent contamination risks
  • Enforcement of enhanced hygiene rules
  • Social distancing amongst teams
  • Social distancing with customers
  • Containment procedures ready and understood

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