Press release

Remote Inspection for Immediate Business Continuity

2020 Apr 26

Since its outbreak, the whole world has been in an intense battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. Although people have begun to return to their work, reducing unnecessary contact is still a key approach to preventing further spread of the disease. As a world-renowned institution in testing, inspection, certification and technical consultation services, Bureau Veritas makes it a priority to ensure the health and safety of employees and clients.

Thanks to digitalized inspection services, Bureau Veritas helps to manage risk while maintaining performance during the Covid-19 crisis.

Remote inspection will be the most effective approach to inspection in the following circumstances:

- There is limited or no physical access to site

For example, the client's facilities are under lockdown due to quarantine regulations; or chemical or hazardous zone is restricted from access for security reasons;

- Experts cannot reach the site in time

For example, the inspectors or experts are attending to other projects, or are in quarantine in another place;

- Access to the site is restricted due to travel bans

For example, under restricted status during war or in a special hot region, as well as during a global or regional outbreak of epidemic;

- Carbon emissions need to be continuously reduced

From the perspective of environmental protection, this can save unnecessary travel expenses.

Bureau Veritas has already deployed remote inspection, remote supervision and augmented inspection services in multiple business units around the world. This enables us to provide different types of remote inspections in a short time frame. For example, clients or suppliers on-site at a manufacturing plant can communicate and stream activity via the internet, mobile phone or smart glasses to Bureau Veritas’ inspection team located off-site. Results are then analyzed remotely and communicated digitally to the client.

Bureau Veritas ICE digitalization program guides the client to set up a connection to the inspection site via mobile app, for the inspector to perform remote inspection service.

Currently, the program has completed more than 1,000 remote inspection orders in the global government service business line, including China Road and Bridge Corporation, China Jiangsu International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group, Ltd., China International Water and Electric Corporation, Louis Dreyfus, Midea Group, TCL, DPCAFC, Wynca Group, Tahoe Group, Skyworth, Marjane, Jat Offshore, and High Hope Zhongding Corporation.

Remote inspection focus more on customer experience, which is consistent with the principle of putting customers first. It skips over the cumbersome processes like reception and directly enters the inspection procedure; the inspection results can be obtained in real time and any relevant personnel can be invited to participate at any time for full and thorough communications regarding any problems; meanwhile, the inspection process is seamlessly connected with logistics arrangement to save cost and increase profits for the customer.

"ICE is a new digital transformation program created for GSIT business line, which requires a high level of soft skills but not much hardware investment. This means that Bureau Veritas, who has a powerful technical team, can take full advantage of its technological strengths to meet customers' needs while controlling the costs, a win-win service model based on integration of mobile internet and inspection." said Ms. Doris Mo, Vice President and General Manager of Agri-Commodities Business Group, Bureau Veritas China.

Mr. Bruce Wei, Vice President and General Manager of Oil, Gas and Chemicals Business Group, Bureau Veritas China, said that Bureau Veritas is working to apply this increasingly mature "Internet + TIC" model to industry, which has provided a strong support for collaborative inspection with its convenience and flexibility. Without prejudice to safety, this technology can be gradually applied to shop inspection, product progress expedition and many other services.

Bureau Veritas is committed to providing the best quality of services to his clients, maintaining the levels of strict compliance and ensuring business continuity through remote inspection, thus winning over the trust of all stakeholders.