Press release

Bureau Veritas and LANPEC signed a strategic collaboration agreement for further joint development in all aspects

2020 Nov 18

On the afternoon of November 13, BV and LANPEC Technologies Limited (hereinafter referred to as "LANPEC") signed a strategic collaboration agreement in Shanghai. The two parties will further deepen collaboration, expand business scopes, jointly promote domestic and foreign businesses, and ensure cooperation in research and incubation of new products and new businesses to achieve win-win results.

Mr. Xie Qing, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of LANPEC Technologies Limited, Mr. Zhang Shangwen, Director of Offshore Equipment Research Department, Mr. Li Xuyang, Head of Planning and Development Department, and Mr. Yue Heng, Head of Administration Department; Mr. Wei Yungang, Vice President of BV and General Manager of Oil & Gas, Chemical Business Group; Mr. Fan Baoming, Deputy General Manager of Oil & Gas, Chemical Business Group;  Mr. Wang Dongjun, General Manager of Offshore Engineering Department;  Mr. Che Lei, Deputy General Manager of Onshore Engineering Department, and relevant staff of both sides witnessed the signature of the contract.

Xie Qing commented at the signing ceremony: "BV has been providing high-quality technical services for many domestic enterprises in the field of inspection, certification and consulting, and is trusted for its long history and technical expertise. With a history of 60 years since its establishment, LANPEC is the pioneer of China's petroleum and petrochemical equipment, and has displayed strength in the design and manufacturing and technical development of offshore engineering, oil refining and chemical industry, oil drilling and production, etc. In recent years, collaboration between BV and LANPEC has intensified, not only in the field of inspection and certification, but also in technical research and product development. Both parties have established a foundation for deepening cooperation. The signing of this agreement represents the expansion of multi-field and multi-dimensional cooperation between the two parties on the premise of mutual trust."

Wei Yungang said at the signing ceremony: "Starting as a classification society, BV has accumulated rich experience in the field of offshore engineering, and has cooperated with LANPEC in the field of inspection and certification of offshore engineering equipment for a long time, and our business scope is gradually expanding. LANPEC is equipped with strong technical background, rapid development of scientific research capacity, and a wealth of new technologies and products. It is a great honor to deepen cooperation and common development with LANPEC, especially to play a better role in scientific research projects. Through signature of the strategic cooperation agreement, it is hoped that the two sides will deepen cooperation in offshore engineering projects and further develop onshore engineering, new energy and other fields, so as to achieve diversified development and win-win results. "

LANPEC Technologies Limited

LANPEC Technologies Limited (restructured and publicly listed from former Lanzhou Petroleum Machinery Research Institute, referred to as LANPEC),  established in 1960, is a state-owned listed company controlled by China National Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd. It has been committed to research, development, localization development, design, procurement, equipment manufacturing, supply, installation, commissioning and inspection of core equipment (skid mounted and modular engineering) technology in related fields such as offshore and onshore oil and gas field engineering, oil refining and chemical industry, natural gas processing, LNG terminal, ship flue gas desulfurization, FPSO topside, liquid sunlight hydrogen energy and renewable energy Inspection and technical services.

Bureau Veritas

Founded in 1828, Bureau Veritas is an industry leader in testing, inspection, certification and technical consulting services. Bureau Veritas has been committed to providing professional service and innovative solutions worldwide so as to help customers cope with increasing challenges in terms of quality, health, safety, environment and social responsibility. Bureau Veritas currently operates 1,400 offices and laboratories and employs more than 78,000 staff in 140 countries around the world.