Press release

BV's Experts Attended 2020 IAME to Interpret the Quality and Certification of Additive Manufacturing

2020 Oct 9

Recently, Bureau Veritas (BV), the world-renown testing, inspection and certification institution, has attended the "2020 International Additive Manufacturing Expo (IAME)", hosted by National Innovation Institute of Additive Manufacturing.

This forum was intended to implement high-quality development of China's manufacturing industry and the objective of being a manufacturing power of the world. And centered around the new trends, new opportunities and new needs in additive manufacturing (3D print) industry, it aimed to explore new businesses and models in the additive manufacturing industry and to build up China's or even the world's most comprehensive and authoritative communication platform for enterprises, universities and research institutions in this field.

As a typical representative of advanced manufacturing, additive manufacturing has raised extensive attention of many countries.  Comparing with Europe and America, China got off to a late start in developing additive manufacturing technologies; however, by establishing the National Innovation Institute of Additive Manufacturing, including additive manufacturing into the "One Package" application plan for improving industrial fundamentals, as well as other actions, we have been continuously working on tapping the innovation potentials of industries and consolidating the foundation for development of additive manufacturing.  In general, China's additive manufacturing capabilities have made great progresses, but many issues are still remained to be resolved. At the forum, Mr. Zhong Aimin, Director of Technology Center of Industrial Products, Bureau Veritas, gave a keynote speech titled "Quality and Certification of Additive Manufacturing"

Mr. Zhong introduced applications of additive manufacturing in a wide range of industries to the present guests, such as aerospace, automobile and energy, as well as the great challenges we may confront, such as: At present, we are lack of specific certification rules on the raw materials, processes and products related to additive manufacturing; competent and qualified personnel;  the knowledge related to mechanical, chemical and physical property parameters of finished products; we shall ensure to track the whole value chain of products, and guarantee the repeatability, reliability and duplicability of production.

With the extensive experience built over the years, Bureau Veritas is capable of providing one-stop solutions to enterprises associated with additive manufacturing, including: Development of the quality certification service framework of additive manufacturing; training and qualification certificate of personnel engaged in additive manufacturing; raw materials testing, process review and product conformity evaluation; development of the quality control/certification processes and procedures for the additive manufacturing industry; tracing programs of the production process and equipment parameters. Bureau Veritas assists enterprises to acquire strict quality control on every single process in additive manufacturing.