Press release

Bureau Veritas Wins Huawei's "Security Guard" Special Contribution Award, Leading the Transformation and Development of Catering Industry

2021 Jan 29

On January 25, 2021, Bureau Veritas (BV) was invited to the annual seminar for catering third parties hosted by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (Huawei). During the seminar, Bureau Veritas Certification Department's Huawei project team and the present guests shared their summary of 2020 catering safety audit projects, analyses of the food safety indexes, and the outlook for the 2021 catering safety audit business, to jointly explore the possibilities of Huawei catering third party.

During the annual award ceremony, Bureau Veritas team was awarded the "Safety Guard" special contribution medal by Huawei's administrative body. Mr. Dong Feng, Food Products Manager of Bureau Veritas Certification China, received the award on behalf of BV and said: "It is a great honor to receive this award from Huawei, which represents a high recognition and trust of our project team's work."

As the saying goes, "Bread is the staff of life", and food safety is an important "defense line" of Huawei administration. As a world-renowned third-party inspection and certification body, Bureau Veritas, with its rich experience and technical capabilities accumulated in the food and catering industry, can provide third-party supervision services for catering suppliers, and assist Huawei Administration to complete the transition from "checking" to "nurturing" of catering suppliers. We can assist Huawei's administration body in the management transition from "checking" to "nurturing" the catering suppliers. From the perspective of value iteration, third-party services need to play a progressive role from "policeman" to "coach" and to "partner". Through continuous exploration, Bureau Veritas has finally undertaken the role of "coach" and "partner" in the cooperative ecology among catering suppliers, third-party service providers and Huawei, leading the creation of value. It is believed that, in the future, with the concerted efforts of all parties, we will be able to create a high-level meal service platform for the industry, which will eventually promote the change and development of the industry.

As an outstanding company in their respective fields, Bureau Veritas has maintained a good and deep cooperation relationship with Huawei over the past decade or so, covering a number of product and system certification services. At the end of 2020, Ms. Zou Fengxian, General Manager of Bureau Veritas System Certification Business Group, was invited to the "Open for a win-win future" - Huawei Logistics Third Party Assessment & Consulting Industry Seminar, where she gave a speech themed "Professionalism Shapes Trust, Service Creates Value". In the future, both parties will further integrate their resource advantages while working closely with and promoting each other, deepen their cooperation in a wide range of areas, and promote the development of the industry with innovation and professionalism.