Press release

Bureau Veritas Attends 2020 National Chemical Logistics Industry Annual Conference To Help Hazardous Chemical Logistics Enterprise Improve HSE Management

2020 Nov 18

Recently, 2020 National Chemical Logistics Industry Annual Conference (CLIAC) themed "Take service as the engine, seek innovation and change, win the future" was held by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP) in Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province. Mao Keyu, Chief Engineer and HSE Manager, and Zhang Han, HSE Senior Engineer of Bureau Veritas (Tianjin) Safety Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary to Bureau Veritas Group, were invited to attend the conference and delivered a speech on HSE management improvement of hazardous chemical logistics enterprises at the parallel forum "Human and Technology - For A New Wave of Upgrading in Chemical Logistics", where they carried out insightful discussions with experts from Wanhua Chemical, Juhua, Zhenhai Petrochemical and JCST.

Under the impact of covid-19, chemical logistics industry supply chain has seen a clear trend of transformation and upgrading this year. With new technologies and new businesses continuously emerging, and more and more digital applications coming into use, a trend of industry integration is taking form, but it is just the long-lasting pursuit of chemical logistics industry to seek new possibilities in crisis, break new grounds in changes, seize opportunities and face challenges. 

Mr. Zhang Han from Bureau Veritas mentioned in his speech, "With a higher technological level and more digital applications in the chemical logistics industry, there is a requirement for higher management level. Enterprises shall adhere to modern HSE management concepts as a guide, break through the traditional bottlenecks in safety management, and continue to improve their HSE management performance, in order to minimize safety risks and prevent accidents. Analyses on management evaluation for logistics enterprises over years show that employees' HSE knowledge, experiences and skills are still the key factors influencing HSE management level. Bureau Veritas has developed many HSE management APPs in response to the characteristics of the logistics industry to help enterprises improve their HSE management in all respects, from daily management to personnel capabilities. For example, the HSE Knowledge Testing APP is able to help employees effectively enrich their HSE knowledge and provide decision-making information for HSE management of enterprises based on learning, testing and results analysis."

As advanced and information-based technologies being widely applied, chemical and chemical logistics enterprises are greeting opportunities of safer and cheaper operations by using new logistics equipment and information technologies. 

Coordination between human and technology is considerably important in corporate operation, but how to make the most of this coordination in logistics enterprises' management?

How can enterprises use intelligent technologies more effectively to improve their services?

How to take advantage of the strengths of human and technology to build up a safer and more efficient emergency rescue system?

From the sight of enterprises, what is the trend of intelligentization in this industry?

At the roundtable session, experts have had enthusiastic discussions around the above questions. 

Mr. Mao Keyu from Bureau Veritas said, "As an international testing, inspection and certification group, Bureau Veritas is always committed to introducing advanced HSE management tools and experiences to help domestic enterprises across industries to improve HSE management capabilities. As to HSE management in hazardous chemical logistics industry, we have made active efforts on big data analysis of HSE vehicles and transportation risks and remote emergency rescue aid.  With wide applications of 5G technology, Bureau Veritas will work to promote the development and application of HSE management APPs in accordance with national policy orientation on safety production, taking into consideration the characteristics of logistics industry, to help hazardous chemical logistics enterprises improve HSE management and effectively fulfill their responsibilities for safety production."

The fruitful 2020 CLIAC has been wrapped up, but Bureau Veritas, as a member of CFLP, will continue to work with enterprises to advance development and progression of the industry.