Press release

Bureau Veritas Attends Green Technology Bank Summit Forum to Support Green Development and Construction of the North Bund

2020 Nov 5

On October 29, Mr. Li Shenhao, Director of Green Buildings & Sustainability Division, Bureau Veritas, attended the Green Technology Bank Forum held at W Shanghai - The Bund hotel and gave a keynote speech on green city governance based on AI technologies and ecological urban area development levered with green financial instruments. 

As an essential parallel event of 2020 Pujiang Innovation Forum, the summit was jointly organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China, Shanghai Municipal People's Government and the Leading Group of Green Technology Bank, with the aim to build an international communication platform for professionals in the field of green development with both technological and financial perspectives.  The forum is designed to promote the application of green standards and technologies through extensive international cooperation, and build the North Bund into a world model in response to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Mr. Zheng Hong, Deputy District Mayor of Hongkou District, attended the forum as the Secretary General of the Green Technology Bank Construction Leading Group Secretariat and emphasized that the Party Committee and District Government of Hongkou District has always regarded the North Bund as the most precious resource and has given a high priority to its construction and development. He also that in the context of global sustainable development trends and China's high-quality development, green development has become a general consensus that it has brought both opportunities and challenges to the efficient development of enterprises across industries. 

Mr. Luo Yihong, Deputy Director of Hongkou District Planning Bureau, also attended the event and shared details of the planning scheme of the North Bund and the progresses that have been made.  The North Bund is a key part of the planned world-class waterfront area beside Huangpu River.  It is planned to build the North Bund area into a first-rank central activity zone in the new era which is interlocked with the Bund and Lujiazui areas, integrating residential and office functions, and incubates innovative ideas.  The new round of planning of the North Bund was approved by Shanghai Municipal Government on June 28 this year. According to which, the North Bund construction will follow a layout principle of "One CBD and Two Sub-districts, Integration of New and Old Areas", and gather the core development elements of a modern international metropolis to create a typical demonstration area for the fine management of global megacities. 

Mr. Li Shenhao, Director of Green Buildings & Sustainability, Bureau Veritas, addressed the forum on "Green Buildings & Green Financial Instruments". 

Centering around the theme of carbon neutral applications in EDGE certification system of the World Bank, Director Li Shenhao first introduced the features, system and market acceptance of WB EDGE certification system, and then made brief explanations about carbon calculation.  Implementing efficient action plans and measuring their carbon footprint are crucial steps for companies in their journey towards a net zero carbon future. Amid an energy transition, compliance with and assurance of sustainable new energy production, storage and distribution is a particular challenge. Bureau Veritas supports organizations across Industries in their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. We encourage all paths that lead to a net-zero emission, supporting clients through verification, measurement, certification and emissions offsetting. At BV, we acknowledge the importance of responsible use of the planet's natural resources. Our experts help organizations overcome related challenges and promote sustainable use of resources. We are a key player in the energy transition, present at key stages of the renewable and alternative energy production chain. We support our clients to sustainably design, build and operate their assets.

As a leading provider of global green building certification and consulting services, Bureau Veritas offers customers professional and superior green building certification and consulting services in China and around the world.  Bureau Veritas' China Green Building Technology Center has technological experts across all disciplines (building, structure, heating & ventilation, electro-mechanics and firefighting) , with the support of advanced software systems and extensive industrial experiences, to assist owners in energy-saving and efficient green buildings. 

During the roundtable discussion session, BV's experts and representatives in the field of real estate, finance and green technologies carried out insightful discussions on how green technologies and green finance can facilitate the sustainable development of the North Bund from three dimensions. The topics covered include whether the two forms of economies - real estate economy and platform economy - can support the future development directions of the North Bund and help to create a headquarters economy in this area. How to incorporate green finance into green technology evaluation system to effectively empower the green development of the North Bund? Etc.

In the end, the present experts discussed about the paths and challenges to diversified development of green industries.  The meeting ended successfully in a lively discussion.