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Bureau Veritas Invited to Speak at Green Hydrogen Technology and Industry Exchange Seminar, Helping to Build the Green Hydrogen Safety System 

2021 May 14

Recently, the China Association for Promotion of Industrial Development Hydrogen Energy Branch held "Green Hydrogen Technology and Industry Exchange Seminar" in Beijing, and Bureau Veritas was invited to attend and deliver a keynote speech on "Construction of Safety System for Renewable Energy Hydrogen Production Project (Green Hydrogen)". Representatives from more than 20 domestic and foreign cutting-edge hydrogen industry chain enterprises and academic institutions, such as State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC), China Hydrogen Energy, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Longji Hydrogen Energy, Sungrow Power, Jingke Technology, Beijing Jingneng Power, BP China, PROTON, Cummins, etc., carried out in-depth exchanges around technological innovation and engineering practice.

Green hydrogen development holds great promise

Hydrogen energy is considered the most promising clean energy source for the 21st century and will play an irreplaceable role in the carbon peak and carbon neutralization process, which can only be achieved through green hydrogen.

Hydrogen will be a strategic focus for future energy, and it is estimated that 5 million tons of hydrogen will come from 80GW electrolysis plant by 2030. Green hydrogen produced from electrolysis powered by renewable energy can be widely used in high emission industries such as the chemical industry, iron and steel, cement, and so on.

Promoting technological progress of the industry

"At present, the green hydrogen, developed and supported by technical equipment, has great potential for large-scale development." Wei Suo, president of the Hydrogen Energy Branch of the China Association for the Promotion of Industrial Development, said that the development of green hydrogen requires many conditions, including resources, technology, policies, markets, and other aspects. Among them, in terms of technology, he pointed out that in addition to the availability of technology, there should be economic feasibility and security.
The development of green hydrogen needs support in technological innovation and breakthroughs in all parts of the industry chain. In the field of hydrogen production, with the declining cost of renewable energy and breakthroughs in hydrogen production technology, the economy of green hydrogen is constantly improving, and the application scene is also expanding.

Building a moat of green hydrogen security system

Along with technological upgrading and industrial development, security is also a top priority. An Haijing, Head of Bureau Veritas' China Technology Center, stressed that the safety of the hydrogen energy industry should not be ignored. For this reason, first of all, we should adhere to the country's safety production policy of the new era, put people first, maintain safety development, and adopt the policy of "Safety First, Prevention Foremost and Comprehensive Treatment"; secondly, we can learn from overseas experience and improve based on the relevant technical standards of the country; at the same time, we should take risk control as the core to leverage integrity management; in addition, it is also necessary to learn from the good practice of the industry and improve the acceptable standard of risk.

Bureau Veritas has developed a voluntary certification program for hydrogen production processes, which starts from the basic design specifications of the project, combining with the local safety requirements, laws, and regulations of any country, considering the key factors and performance standards of the system, through a standardized audit, risk assessment, safety performance audit, and regulatory approach audit, as a result, ensuring project safety risk prevention and control.

Bureau Veritas boasts a history of more than 200 years and employs more than 75,000 people worldwide. This includes a team of more than 70 people dedicated to the burgeoning hydrogen industry. As a member of both national and international organizations, we are mobilizing our resources to become a reliable partner for companies committed to the development of greener hydrogen.


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Bureau Veritas has been engaged in the hydrogen industry for more than 20 years, working with clients all over the world. We provide testing, inspection and certification services for the whole process of the project, providing professional technical support and equipped with a service network.


Developments in hydrogen technology impact many sectors, and Bureau Veritas is leveraging best practices from all our centers of expertise and activity. Teams across our business units, including Certification, Commodities, Industry and Facilities, Onshore and Offshore Gas, Marine, Automotive and Aerospace, are working together to bring hydrogen solutions to market quickly and safely.