Press release

Bureau Veritas Awarded ISO 26262:2018 Functional Safety Process Certificate to FCE Xiamen

2020 Dec 1

Recently, Bureau Veritas (hereinafter referred to as "BV") awarded ISO 26262:2018 Functional Safety Process Certificate to Faurecia Clarion Electronics (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xiamen R&D Center"). This signifies that the Xiamen R&D Center, FCE Dongguan Factory and FCE Fengcheng Factory have fully established a functional safety management process system that meets the requirements of the ISO26262 standard, who henceforth possess the fundamental capability of designing and manufacturing products in conformance with international functional safety standards. It's a key milestone in Faurecia's strategic development of "Cockpit of Future" solution. 

Mr. Benjamin, Vice President of Global TCS, Quality, HSE & Transformation, Mr. He Dong, China R&D Director, Mr. Cao Changming, China Quality Director, Mr. Wu Qi, R&D Organizational and Talent Development Director, Mr. Sakai, General Manager of Xiamen R&D Center, Mr. Huang Yong, ISO 26262 Functional Safety Certification Project Manager, and Mr. Dang Junfeng, China QMS & HSE Manager from FCE and Ms. Yang Qimei, VP & General Manager of Power & Utilities and General Industry Business Group, Mr. Ye Jiong, Deputy General Manager of the Business Group, Mr. Zhong Aimin, Director of Product Certification Center, Mr. Xue Weiqing, Automotive Functional Safety Expert, and Mr. Luo Haijun, South District Manager from Bureau Veritas attended the certificate awarding ceremony. 

Mr. Benjamin, VP of Global TCS, Quality, HSE & Transformation, Faurecia Clarion Electronics, addressed the ceremony: "We are excited to receive this BV ISO 26262 certificate and such a third-party certification like this will help us to strengthen customer trust. Xiamen City houses the global R&D Center of Faurecia Clarion Electronics, which is fully integrated with the global platform development process and provides services to global and local customers.  Passing this ISO 26262 certification is a key milestone on Faurecia China's journey of supporting global manufacturing industries, as meeting functional safety requirements is essential to ensure design quality in software and hardware development. Our products not only conform with the latest technical standards but also offer guaranteed safety and reliability.  Xiamen R&D Center is the first internal team of Faurecia worldwide to obtain functional safety certification. Here I want to extend my gratitude to the experts of Bureau Veritas, both from China and abroad, and I'm look forward to establishing a closer partnership between both parties." 

Ms. Yang Qimei, VP & General Manager of Power & Utilities and General Industry Business Group, Bureau Veritas, congratulated Faurecia Clarion Electronics on their passing of the ISO 26262:2018 functional safety process certification. She delivered a speech on the awarding ceremony: "Faurecia is a global partner of Bureau Veritas and Bureau Veritas China have maintained a strong partnership with Faurecia in the fields from system certification, mechanical safety certification to functional safety certification, ever since they came into China.  Xiamen R&D Center is the largest R&D base of Faurecia Clarion Electronics worldwide, and has been walking at the forefront of the intelligent driving revolution of automotive industry, whether in software or hardware development.  China is one of the most important markets of both Faurecia and Bureau Veritas. In the automobile sector, we also provide laboratory services in automotive/electronic & electrical product testing, in addition to the traditional certification services.  In the future, the automotive industry will continue to develop in the fields of new energy and intelligent networking. I hope that we will identify more opportunities to deepen our cooperation in new product development and standards establishment to jointly improve product quality and reliability."