Press release

Doehler wins Silver Medal of Bureau Veritas Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) Program, becoming the first orchard in China to receive this rating

2021 Mar 5

Recently, Doehler Food & Beverage Ingredients Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Doehler") was awarded the silver medal of Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) Program by Bureau Veritas (hereinafter referred to as "BV"), making it the first orchard in China to receive this rating, and also marking a big step towards Doehler's goal of achieving sustainable agricultural management.

Sustainable Agriculture (SA) is produced on the basis of summarizing alternative agricultural models such as organic agriculture, biological agriculture, petroleum agriculture, and ecological agriculture, and implementing sustainable ideas in agricultural production. It emphasizes that, in the process of agricultural development, we must make rational use of natural resources to protect and improve the ecological environment, and on this basis, continuously raise the productivity level of agriculture and the income level of farmers and reduce the proportion of poverty households in rural areas, so as to achieve sustainable, stable and comprehensive development of agriculture and the rural economy. As early as 2015, China's Ministry of Agriculture has jointly issued the National Plan for Sustainable Agricultural Development (2015-2030) with other eight national ministries and commissions, and specified the policy support and safeguard measures of the Government and relevant departments for the sustainable development of agriculture in China.

In recent years, more and more food and beverage companies, retailers, traders and agricultural organizations have also started to put sustainable agriculture on their agenda for strategic development. All parties across the agricultural chain must work together and cooperate to achieve the long-term goal of sustainable agricultural development by giving high priority to the scientific use of agricultural resources and increasing the yield of agricultural products, while at the same time enhancing the protection of ecological environment.

SAI Platform, a global food value chain initiative based on sustainable agriculture, created jointly by Nestlé, Unilever and Danone in 2002, has Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) as its major tool.

As a world-renowned third-party inspection and certification body, Bureau Veritas has always been committed to sustainable agricultural development and can provide FSA services. Applicable to all crops grown in all countries and throughout the food and beverage supply chain, and compatible with all mainstream sustainable farming standards, FSA is a new, efficient and versatile tool for self-evaluation and third-party verification that can help farmers as well as food and beverage companies produce, market and source agricultural products produced in a sustainable manner. For those agribusinesses who have passed the assessment, they will be awarded gold-, silver- or bronze-medal verification reports according to the grading, and thus be able to demonstrate their corporate strength in the field of sustainable agricultural development and their compliance with the requirements of relevant social and environmental standards.