Press release

Bureau Veritas Won "Remarkable Contribution Award For 2000000 Safety Working Hours" Of Cummins Project 

2020 Dec 16

On December 1, 2020, Bureau Veritas was commended by the owner of Cummins High-horsepower Engine Technology R&D Center and Big Horsepower Engine Production Line Project (Phase II) (hereinafter referred to as Chongqing Cummins BFG project), and awarded the "Remarkable Contribution Award for 2000000 Safety Working Hours of CCEC BFG Project" and the commemorative medal of "Remarkable Contribution Award for Safety Management of CCEC BFG Project ", acknowledging BV's professional HSE services and contributions in this project.

Chongqing Cummins BFG project is rated as Chongqing Municipal standard civilized construction site, which is composed of office building, high-horsepower engine production complex plant (ATPU plant) and Technology Center (Pubu), with a total investment of approximately 1.4 billion, covering a total area of 400 mu (approximately 267,000 square meters). It is a world-class high-horsepower engine technology research and development center and production base with an annual output value of 1 billion US dollars in the short term and 2 billion US dollars in the long term.

Since BV's HSE division participated in the project, a professional team has been established to discuss safety management concepts, relevant safety management tools and other service items, develop relevant systems and strategies to implement corresponding safety management training and monitoring at the construction site. During the COVID-19 epidemic, every construction worker is strictly controlled to ensure the safety of the construction environment. The 2-minute self-safety inspection was strictly implemented and correct guidance and drills were in place for emergency responses.

As of December 6, BV's data monitoring showed that Chongqing Cummins BFG project has successfully achieved the milestone of 2 million safe and loss-free working hours, amounting to 2,094,372MH in total, and no lost working hours or recordable accidents occurred. 268 safety trainings for new entrants were carried out, and a total of 2,315 people have received the training. Project safety meeting was hosted on weekly basis, and special safety sessions were held for operation units violating regulations, totaling 127 times. Joint safety inspections by project management were hosted on weekly basis, ensuring presence of CCEC COT management team on bi-weekly security checks, with a total of 138 inspections. 100% non-conforming items were sorted out and closed, and on-site safety inspection was organized for project manager, safety management personnel and regional safety supervisor of the on-site contractor. In addition, active and effective communications and continuous feedback with participating units and CCEC project management team were facilitated to provide effective responses and professional safety management services.

Frank Yu, HSE Head of Building & Infrastructure Business Group, CIF Greater China, said that, "Safety is everyone's job. We are grateful to Cummins for awarding this honor. BV will continue to focus on every detail at the site, hearkening to construction safety and ensuring project quality."