Press release

Stand Side by Side -- Bureau Veritas Fighting Epidemic at the Front Line

2020 Feb 7

Since the beginning of the Chinese new year, an epidemic caused by a novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) has hit China and made the 2020 Spring Festival extraordinarily long. Since the outbreak, Bureau Veritas, as an international testing, inspection and certification institution committed to its corporate social responsibilities, has kept a close eye on the development of epidemic situation and actively responded to the call of government, to stand side by side with the Chinese people and contribute to the common battle against the epidemic.

A firewall against the virus built on gathered resources

The Third People's Hospital of Shenzhen, appointed as the hospital to receive and treat the city's 2019-nCoV patients, has become the main battlefield in the city for fighting the epidemic. Recently, Shenzhen Municipal Government has initiated the expansion project of the Third People's Hospital Phase II, which has a total of 60,000 m2 building area and a 20-day construction period and is expected to house 1,000 beds. Devoted to providing safety management technical support, Bureau Veritas has gone all out to facilitate the construction of Shenzhen's equivalent of "Xiaotangshan Hospital".

A journey over a thousand miles to protect Chang'an

On February 3, the 8-day construction work for the Public Health Center of Xi'an started. After receiving the assignment the night before, three Bureau Veritas colleagues in Shanghai office set out early in the morning on February 5, to join the construction of Xi'an's equivalent of "Xiaotangshan Hospital". This is a competition against time, our colleagues have handed the advisory report on construction cost over to Xi'an Municipal Government, as soon as they arrived at the destination, and soon received the recognition and support from the government leaders. With our expertise, efficiency and care, we provide whole-process cost consultancy service for the hospital's construction.

An approach to rapid detection for assurance of food safety

During the epidemic prevention and control, Bureau Veritas' food safety rapid detection laboratories in Shenzhen and Changsha will adhere to strict detection procedures to eliminate nonconformity food. Our fellow colleagues of the rapid detection laboratories have stayed on their post over the Spring Festival, and carried out strict sampling inspections on the foods, meats and vegetables on sale. Nothing matters more than food safety. In the face of epidemic, it is ever more important to assure the people of safe food on their table.

We will continue to pay close attention to the epidemic situation, and fully cooperate with the government and relevant authorities to fight the epidemic together.

"If winter comes, can spring be far behind?"

We believe that Bureau Veritas will stand together with you to greet a flourishing spring after going through an extremely harsh winter.