Press release

Bureau Veritas Issues CFCC Certificate to Arte Mundi

2020 Jan 3

The second batch of China's wood and bamboo industry "China Forest Certification - Chain of Custody Demonstration (pilot)" jointly carried out by National Technical Committee 198 on Wood-based Panels Standardization of China has achieved critical progress. As of December 27, 2019, 17 of the 19 pilot enterprises have obtained the certificates of CFCC-CoC. Among the 17 pilot enterprises, Arte Mundi (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is the only one that obtained the certificate of an international third-party organization since it has been audited and certified by Bureau Veritas.  

"As always, Arte Mundi insists on meeting market demand with high-quality products, taking improving product quality as corporate core value and constantly improving business efficiency. In 2019, it has made gratifying achievements and completed the annual performance target in advance. Arte Mundi manages to improve cost-effectiveness, and also attaches great importance to social benefits and sustainable development of the industry. “Mr. Bu Lixin, Chairman of Arte Mundi (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. said when the company was awarded the CFCC-CoC certificate.

"Obtaining CFCC-CoC is the best embodiment of Arte Mundi's practice of green environmental protection and sustainable development management. It proves that Arte Mundi is fulfilling the policy of responsible wood procurement and is an enterprise with a strong sense of social responsibility." Ms. Zou Fengxian, General Manager of Bureau Veritas Certification Division, commented.

In 2016, Bureau Veritas was officially qualified by China forest certification (CFCC) and became the first foreign-funded organization recognized by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) and able to engage in China forest certification at home. In recent years, Bureau Veritas has been actively responding to national policies to promote rapid development of CFCC industry. For large-scale state-owned enterprises, it will be a trend in future to produce CFCC certified products. In the foreseeable future, state-owned enterprises will start to expand to external markets, and the state will vigorously advocate the use of CFCC certified products to provide strong support for China's forestry enterprises to stride into international markets confidently.