Press release

CEO of Bureau Veritas Meets Xu Kunlin, Deputy Mayor of Shanghai 

2019 Mar 15

On March 13th, 2019, Xu Kunlin, Deputy Mayor of Shanghai met Didier Michaud-Daniel, Global CEO of Bureau Veritas, and his delegates at VIP board room of the municipal government. 

Also attending the meeting were Liu Min, deputy director of Shanghai Commerce Committee, Tao Yonghua, deputy director of Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau, Chen Jiang, deputy director of Shanghai Commerce Committee, Lu Jian, deputy director of Foreign Investment Department of Shanghai Commerce Committee, Mr. Jerome Malassigne, Executive Vice President of BV North Asia CIF Division, Mr. Wang Xun, Senior Vice President of Bureau Veritas, President of BV Greater China CIF Division, Mr. Ziad Kabbani, Global CEO of Bureau Veritas, Ms. Jiang Yeying, Director of Financial Analysis and Planning for BV North Asia CIF Division, Ms. Zhang Lili, Director of Government Affairs and Public Relations, BV CIF Division, et al. 

Both parties had an in-depth discussion in terms of how to improve quality standards, enhance municipal construction, and ensure food quality & safety in a joyful and pleasant manner. 

Xu Kunlin, Deputy Mayor of Shanghai, mentioned that Shanghai had managed to maintain steady and forward-going economic development in 2018, especially in the fields driven by innovation and HQ economy. According to initial estimates, Shanghai's gross national product exceeds 3 trillion yuan, of which services account for 70% of the city's gross national product. Xu Kunlin, Deputy Mayor of Shanghai, emphasized in particular that Shanghai attaches great importance to the development of inspection, testing and certification industry, to which BV has contributed a lot. 

Xu Kunlin, Deputy Mayor of Shanghai, also shared the development planning of Shanghai and upgrading & renovation planning of commercial districts. He welcomed Bureau Veritas's active participation in the project construction to help improve the engineering quality. He humorously said, "BV should engrave its name on the bricks and tiles of the project and witness the quality to last a hundred years ahead.” In addition, he also stressed that Shanghai with a population of more than 30 million, takes food quality and safety as the top priority. Bureau Veritas is a well-known institution in inspection, testing and certification industry and is widely recognized across the world. He hoped that Bureau Veritas would make suggestions in light of food quality and safety, and help the government to ensure the integrity of the food sector, safety of the entire supply chain, and improvement of the quality with an international vision and professional expertise. 

Mr. Didier Michaud-Daniel expressed his gratitude to Xu Kunlin, Deputy Mayor of Shanghai, for his cordial reception and the support of the Shanghai Municipal Government as always. We are glad to be able to help improve people's quality of life and contribute to social development in the areas of quality, safety, health and environment. China is the largest market of Bureau Veritas and Shanghai is the second home of Bureau Veritas. After more than 20 years of deep cultivation and development in Shanghai, Bureau Veritas has been deeply integrated into the beautiful city of Shanghai. With the most advanced experience and standards in the world, Bureau Veritas has provided a lot of support for urban construction and helped Shanghai build a world-class city across the globe. 

Regarding the food quality and safety issues mentioned by Xu Kunlin, Deputy Mayor of Shanghai, Mr. Didier Michaud-Daniel responded, "Bureau Veritas is equipped with qualified capacity in inspecting and testing food quality and safety. We are willing to share with the government advanced food quality and safety standards in Europe and other countries to help Shanghai improve food quality and safety management." 

In addition, both parties also exchanged ideas on how Bureau Veritas can contribute to brand building and product export in Shanghai.