Press release

Bureau Veritas Enters into Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Shanghai Biopharmaceutics Industry Association

2020 Sep 22

Recently, Bureau Veritas and Shanghai Biopharmaceutics Industry Association (SBIA) signed a framework agreement for strategic cooperation in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, with respect to the future cooperation between both parties in advancing the development and improvement of the biopharmaceutical industry, in order to jointly support the National "Big Health" Plan of China. 

The signing ceremony was presided over by Shaoxiong Chen, Executive Chairman & General Secretary of SBIA. Guests present at the signing ceremony as witnesses include Jizong Li, Deputy Director of Shanghai Center of Biomedicine Development & Executive Vice General Secretary of SBIA; Wenqing He, Executive Vice Genral Secretary of SBIA; Xun Wang, Senior Vice President, President of Great China of the Commodities & Industry & Facilities Department, Bureau Veritas; Wenkai Dai, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Greater China of Building & Infrastructure Business Group, Bureau Veritas; Hu Yang, Director of Greater China of the Building & Facilities Business, Bureau Veritas; Lin Fang, Deputy Chairman of Shanghai Elderly Service Industry Association and Chairman of Shanghai Minfu Elderly Service Center; Zengbao Wu, President of Yuxin Biopharmaceutics Co., Ltd., and Yeqing Chen, Vice President of Yuxin Biopharmaceutics Co., Ltd.; Qin Tang, Chairman of Shanghai Dianyu Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Chairman Shaoxiong Chen said: "According to the 'Healthy China 2030' Planning Outline issued by the State Council, the total size of the health industry will exceed 8 trillion Yuan by 2020 and 16 trillion Yuan by 2030.  As a bridge between the government and enterprises, the Association should give full play to the positive role of industry promotion."

"The industrial development is driven by increasing demand. As a B2B2S (Business to Business to Society) company, we attach great importance to feed service back to the society. Community-based elderly service is an inevitable trend. Bureau Veritas' assistance in the development of medical and health care sector over recent years is in line with the government's 'Big Health' Plan of the 'Thirteenth Five-Year Plan' and 'Fourteenth Five-Year Plan'", said President Xun Wang. 

Mr. Wenkai Dai, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Greater China of the Building & Infrastructure Business Group, said that: "This strategic cooperation signifies that our two parties have reached a strategic consensus in the biopharmaceutical industry and the 'Big Health' field, which will help to promote the integration of business resources between Bureau Veritas and Shanghai Biopharmaceutics Industry Association, broaden the communication and exchanges in all links of the biomedical industry chain, enhance the professional technical capabilities of the industry, and promote the common development of both parties, through strategic and mutually beneficial cooperation."

The signing of this agreement means that both parties will carry out all-around and multi-dimensional cooperation under the guidance of national strategic development, to further promote the investment in and implementation of biopharmaceutical projects and the industry planning and internal planning of the Industrial Park. It will also provide a high-quality development platform for the biopharmaceutical industry chain, and thus enhance the industry's influence and inject vitality to the industry.