Press release

Bureau Veritas issued the first ISO 17100 certificate with PSBT logo for Xiamen Master Translation Services

2019 May 15

On May 14, Bureau Veritas, a globally well-known testing, inspection, certification and technical consulting service organization, issued the first ISO 17100 translation service system certificate with PSBT logo for Xiamen Master Translation Services. Mr. Wei Zhonghe, General Manager of Xiamen Master Translation Services, and Ms. Zhang Miaoyin, Head of System Certification of Greater China Southern Region of Bureau Veritas attended the ceremony.

ISO 17100 is a worldwide recognized translation process quality certification, covering all the translation processes that will affect the quality of translation. It establishes and defines standards for translators' level, technical competence and service quality in translation companies, aiming at ensuring that consumers get the highest quality of translation services. Bureau Veritas is the only cooperative certification body in China and its adjacent territories that has been recognized by Polish Association of Translation Companies (PSBT). Both sides of Bureau Veritas and PSBT agreed to jointly promote high-quality and standardized services in the translation industry. PSBT is composed of certified oath interpreters and translators, international standardization experts (members of ISO TC37/SC5 working group), part-time teachers of higher education, ISO certification auditing lecturers and other members. It is a member of EUATC, OASIS and ISTC.

At the ceremony, Mr Wei Zhonghe said the company has been committed to providing efficient and professional translation services for customers. In 2010, the company has passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification, with the help of international standard certification to improve the management and service level. The ISO 17100 certification is also a high-quality service commitment made by the company to the public and society. The company is confident that it will continue to expand brand awareness during its future development and provide more and better translation services for global customers.

Ms. Zhang Miaoyin congratulated the company on successfully passing the ISO 17100 system certification. She said that after 19 years of development, Xiamen Master Translation Services has become a leading provider of translation services in the southeast coast and even in the world. Such achievements can not be achieved without the efforts of every employee of the company, nor can they be achieved without strong support from enterprise management level. The auditors have highly appraised the standardization construction of the company, which fully proves the company's outstanding achievements and excellent quality management level in the field of translation services.