Press release

Bureau Veritas and BOMA jointly released the Chinese version of "Commercial Real Estate Emergency Management System Tools"

2019 Jul 24

In an effort to help domestic owners and managers get rid of the predicament of local emergency management, guide them to build a comprehensive emergency management system for buildings, and enhance building safety factor, Bureau Veritas joined hands with BOMA China (Building Owners and Managers Association) to hold Eight International Tools/Two Guidelines Sinicized Version Press Conference, and "Helping to Build International Emergency Management System" Forum in Beijing and Shanghai in July 2019.

Professional experts as Mr. Zhuang Heming, General Manager of Construction & In-service Inspection & Verification Services in Greater China of Bureau Veritas, and Mr. Dominic LAU, Executive Director of BOMA China, accepted the real estate industry media’s interviews on applicability, generalization, practical application of the eight international tools/two guidelines and the new ideas brought to the emergency management of commercial real estate in China.

Mr. Zhuang Heming said that since the establishment of the Ministry of Emergency Management, it has fully illustrated the government's attention to emergency preparedness under emergency conditions. The introduction of the Commercial Real Estate Emergency Management System Tools is timely and helps to improve the existing system in China. As an internationally well-known third-party independent public trust institution with 191 years of history, Bureau Veritas has more than 10,000 employees engaged in risk management every day, and conducts EHS inspection for nearly 100,000 buildings every year. The introduction of system tools by Bureau Veritas and BOMA is aimed at providing clear standards for Chinese commercial real estate, integrating with international standards, promoting the standardized development of the industry, and helping existing stock assets to improve safety and building value.

For construction projects, it is a continuous process from construction, operation to maintenance and emergency management, which leads to emergency management needs. Of the 10 super high-rise buildings in China, Bureau Veritas participates in the supervision management of 6 of them, and has a good understanding of the special needs of emergency management in buildings. Hopefully, this domestic introduction of the system tools will also improve risk awareness in all respects from owners, property, and project construction to tenants, and more attention will be paid to the safety and health of personnel in buildings.

At the end of the forum, business executives including Bureau Veritas, JLL and representatives from BOMA China launched a round table discussion on the puzzles and difficulties of emergency management in commercial real estate industry. The participants expressed their commitment to use the professional guidance of international tools/guidelines and work together to build an integrated emergency management system for buildings.