Press release

Shanghai TJU Engineering Service Co., Ltd. (subsidiary of Bureau Veritas) won the award of "1st Shanghai Architectural Heritage Protection and Utilization Demonstration Project"

2020 Jun 23

On June 19, Bureau Veritas was invited to attend the awarding ceremony of the 1st Shanghai Architectural Heritage Protection and Utilization Demonstration Project. The protection and maintenance project of Sheshan Catholic Church, which was supervised by Shanghai TJU Engineering Service Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Bureau Veritas, was awarded demonstration project.

June 13 this year is the 15th China Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, and the theme of this year is "Colorful Cultural Relics, Comprehensive Well-off Society". 2020 is the final year of building a well-off society in an all-round way, marking the end of the 13th five-year plan. At this special time point, national cultural relics system is eager to demonstrate the results of cultural relics protection and utilization, and give full play to colorful cultural relics, acknowledging Chinese culture and enhancing cultural confidence.

In recent years, Shanghai has witnessed a growing number of cultural heritages with an ever-enriched variety. On the one hand, the number of major cultural relics protection projects is on the rise; on the other hand, the requirements for protection and maintenance work are also gradually tightening up. In order to publicize and promote typical practices and experiences in the protection and utilization of architectural heritage in Shanghai, the Shanghai Cultural Relics Protection Engineering Industry Association hosted relevant project selection and promotion activities to set up an industry model, promote quality improvement of cultural relics protection projects, promote coordination of construction projects around immovable cultural relics with the historical environment, and give full play to the positive social benefits.

Sheshan Catholic Church, located at the peak of West Sheshan Mountain in Songjiang District, was built in 1935 and boasts a history of 85 years. It is one of the three major Catholic churches in Shanghai diocese. The interior and exterior design reminds audience of Roman style and decoration: An elegant style tinged with delicate decorations and exquisite craftsmanship represents high historical and architectural art value. As an important historical site and representative building in modern times, Sheshan Catholic Church was listed as a municipal cultural relic protection unit in Shanghai on September 25, 1989.

In 2019, Sheshan Catholic Church was renovated for the sake of maintenance. Adhering to the principle of "retaining the original state of cultural relics", the exquisite glass tube tile roof and fair faced red brick wall on the external facade were renovated using traditional methods, while the internal part followed the methodology of minimum intervention, maintaining the original characteristics and atmosphere of the building lobby. After renovation, Sheshan Catholic Church and its natural scenery and surrounding buildings all contribute to a special artistic landscape rarely seen in Shanghai.