Press release

Training for Application of QAN/QAR Ex-proof system ISO/IEC 80079-34 Successfully Held at Ocean's King Lighting

2019 Oct 18

As more and more Chinese ex-proof products enter international market, manufacturers are facing challenges of industry upgrading, quality improvement and establishing international brand image while seizing a large market share.

On the occasion of updating ex-proof production quality system standard IEC 80079-34, Bureau Veritas recently held a QAN/QAR ex-proof production system training in Shenzhen for Ocean's King Lighting Science & Technology Co., Ltd., the leading ex-proof product manufacturer in China, in order to help enterprises fully understand how to establish ATEX & IECEx quality system and pass QAN/QAR evaluation according to the updated standard, and significantly improve ex-proof equipment production quality level. Mr. Zhang Zongwei, Ex-proof Product Manager of Bureau Veritas Greater China, conducted an in-depth interpretation of several hot issues including the upgrading of ex-proof system standard and the key points and challenges in ex-proof system evaluation. Dozens of participants from sales, design, quality, procurement, production, inspection and other departments were absorbed in the lecture and carried out active discussions and exchanges in regard to the practical issues in production.

Why manufacturers need QAN/QAR?

For QAN (Quality Assurance Notification), ex-proof equipment to be used in explosive atmosphere require QAN audit according to the requirements of ATEX 2014/34/EU, to ensure compliance of continuing production with the product capabilities required by the standard and certificate, and certification institution number may be applied only to those batch production products which have passed QAN evaluation.

For QAR (Quality Assessment Report), equipment manufacturer of batch production products must obtain QAR and ExTR before receiving IECEx CoC certificate issued by IECEx certification institution according to the requirements of IECEx.

How to choose QAN/QAR issuing institution?

For manufacturers, end users in Europe, the US and other developed regions conern much whether a code of quality system certification institution is added to the CE mark on the nameplate. Their level of trust for suppliers is highly dependent on the capability of the system certification institution. Bureau Veritas is a renowned third-party certification institution in global industrial fields, and the products it certifies are highly recognized and recommended by clients both domestically and abroad. Bureau Veritas is listed as one of the few recommended certification bodies in many large domestic and foreign enterprise groups. Bureau Veritas' brand value has provided huge support and convenience for enterprises expanding overseas markets.

In addition to brand value, Bureau Veritas has dozens of ex-proof certified engineers around the world, issuing hundreds of certificates for different products each year, granting ex-proof system certificates and reports to hundreds of domestic and foreign manufacturers, providing comprehensive technical support and guidance in system certification process. There are authorized experts in Bureau Veritas Greater China, who are qualified to perform QAR/QAN system evaluation. While saving time and cost, they can bring more advanced management methods and new technologies, as well as more comprehensive quality management experience and more industry progress and updates.

Bureau Veritas has maintained partnership with Ocean's King Lighting for over a decade. On the basis of the high level of trust in the technical level of Bureau Veritas, the two sides have established long-term and mutual trust cooperation. The training on this explosion-proof theme has also been highly recognized by Ocean King Lighting.