Press release

Bureau Veritas Certification Becomes FAMI-QS Authorized Training Institution to Provide Standard Trainings to Feed Additives Operators

2020 Apr 30

In April 2020, Bureau Veritas Certification received the authorization as a certified training institution in line with the Quality and Safety System for Specialty Feed Ingredients (FAMI-QS) to provide FAMI-QS standard training services to feed additives operators.

Bureau Veritas Certification will comply with the requirements of FAMI-QS Authorized Training Institution Management Procedure (P-TR-001), including:

  • FAMI-QS System
  • FAMI-QS Certification Process
  • Obligations for a FAMI-QS Certified Feed Business Operator
  • The requirements of FAMI-QS Code
  • Process Documents
  • Regulatory System

FAMI-QS feed safety awareness training is applicable to any person engaged in the execution of FAMI-QS certification system, including quality managers and consultants, internal FAMI-QS auditors, specialty feed ingredients producers, suppliers and traders, as well as individuals hoping to acquire more information about the FAMI-QS certification.

Ms. Fanny Zou, General Manager of Certification Department, Bureau Veritas Greater China, said that: "As early as more than a decade ago, we were granted the FAMI-QS authorization to provide FAMI-QS certification services to feed additives operators. Since then, we have been devoting ourselves to researching on the sector of feed additives and premixed feeds. In 2019, FAMI-QS began to select reliable partners among its authorized certification service providers and vest in them the authority to provide FAMI-QS standard trainings. As a certification institution recognized by FAMI-QS, Bureau Veritas Certification has been granted such authority with its more than a decade's experiences in certification and professional capabilities in training. In the future, we will continue to provide FAMI-QS standard trainings to feed additives operators with our expertise and excellent services."

FAMI-QS certification is mandated by the competent EU authority for feed additives and additive premixed feeds produced in or transported to EU, for the purpose of effectively executing the EU feed regulations 183/2005 EC, 1831/2003 EC and 178/2002 EC. FAMI-QS is a quality management system formulated by EU Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and Their Mixtures (FEFANA) for feed additives and premixed feeds, in accordance with the above regulations, and also the only quality and safety management system universally applicable to production of feed additives and additive premixed feeds across the Europe.