Press release

Bureau Veritas Signs "China-Nigeria" Strategic Framework Agreement to Facilitate the Maritime Silk Road for China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation 

2021 Mar 23

On March 18, Bureau Veritas was invited to participate in the "Promotion Conference for the Full Chain Service Model of China-Nigeria Bilateral Trade" hosted by the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, and signed the "Co-Building Agreement for Full Chain Service Model of China-Nigeria Bilateral Import and Export Trade", along with China-Africa Economic and Trade Promotion Council, Hunan Gaoqiao Grand Market Co. Ltd, the Management Committee of Yueyang Chenglingji Comprehensive Bonded Zone, COSCO Shipping International Freight Co., Ltd. and DIDS (UK). This cooperation aims to combine the specialty advantages of each enterprise, integrate resources, deeply develop China-Africa economic and trade exchanges, and jointly build the Nigerian pilot project of a new business model of China-Africa trade. 

This cooperation, initiated by Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce in response to " The Belt and Road" and aimed to expand the third-party marketplace cooperation, will be jointly built by enterprises and institutions from China, Africa, UK and France, to effectively promote the "China-Nigeria" bilateral trade full chain service model. Relying on the harbor advantages of China and Nigeria, the project will realize direct connection between cross-border markets to create economic and trade opportunities, open up standardized channels for commodities consolidation, transportation, customs clearance and quality inspection, and build a closed loop of one-stop commerce and distribution system. It will create space for the industrial transformation and upgrading of Hunan enterprises, and inject new vitality into the host countries' economic development. 

During the conference, Kevin Dai, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Buildings & Infrastructure Business Group, CIF Greater China, Bureau Veritas said in his speech that: "Bureau Veritas, a globally renowned testing, inspection, certification and technical advisory service provider, will work with DIDS UK after signing this strategy to provide professional technical resources and management support in the area of engineering and construction for the terminal infrastructure projects invested by it in Nigeria and Hunan Province. In addition, Bureau Veritas will take advantage of its century-old system strength and extensive experience in Africa to provide a range of trade-related services such as SONCAP inspection, testing and warehouse management, at both ports of Onitsha and Chenglingji, for the import and export cargo between China and Africa. Through standardized and systematic services, communications between merchants can be made more accurately and quickly, so as to build a bridge of business trust and make full use of the Group's resources to help the economic and trade interconnectivity between China and Nigeria, between the ports of Chenglingji and Onitsha, and between Gaoqiao and Lagos markets, and to facilitate the trade between China and Nigeria." 

About Bureau Veritas 

Bureau Veritas is a globally well-known testing, inspection, certification and technical consulting service provider. Founded in 1828 and headquartered in Paris, France, the Group currently has around 1,500 offices and laboratories and over 75,000 employees in 140 countries worldwide, with more than 3,500 professional qualifications and national accreditations. Bureau Veritas provides first-class professional services and innovative solutions to over 400,000 customers to help them improve their performance by ensuring that their products, facilities and processes comply with standards and regulations in the areas of quality, health, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility. In 1993, Bureau Veritas restarted its operations in China and now has approximately 130 offices and laboratories in 55 cities and over 17,000 professional employees. 

As a reliable partner, Bureau Veritas provides innovative solutions that not only help customers conform to the requirements of relevant laws and standards, but also reduce customers' risks, improve their performance and promote their sustainable development.