Press release

Bureau Veritas Signs A Cooperation Framework Agreement with Shanghai Office of Henan Provincial Government

2020 Jun 24

Bureau Veritas signed a cooperation framework agreement with Shanghai Office of Henan Provincial Government on June 23. While the Shanghai Office of Henan Provincial Government has been pushing forward the strategic cooperation between Shanghai and Henan in recent years, Bureau Veritas is seeking to expand the interaction and cooperation over projects with Henan Provincial Government. Under this context, both sides decide to establish a strategic cooperation relationship so as to further cooperation, enhance efforts in soliciting business and attracting investment, promote industrial relocation and give full play to the strengths of Bureau Veritas as an internationally-renowned enterprise in terms of testing, inspection, certification and technical consultation.

The signing ceremony was attended by distinguished guests, including Zhao Kaiping, Director of Shanghai Office of Henan Provincial Government, Zhou Hongxiao, Director Assistant of Shanghai Office of Henan Provincial Government, Lin Fang, Head of Regional Cooperation Division at Shanghai Office of Henan Provincial Government, Wang Xun, Senior Vice President of Bureau Veritas and CEO of CIF Division of Bureau Veritas Greater China, Yang Hu, Commercial Director of Building & Infrastructure Division of Bureau Veritas Greater China.

Mr. Wang Xun extended a warm welcome to visiting leaders from Shanghai Office of Henan Provincial Government, saying:“Bureau Veritas hopes the agreement will promote cooperation of both sides. China has become the largest single-state market of Bureau Veritas. Bureau Veritas provides over 17,000 jobs in 55 cities of China with presence in many industries such as building, petrochemicals and manufacturing. In recent years, the Group has been dedicated to digital development with the view of promoting services through digital tools and creating a new business and industrial pattern based on digitalization together with customers. Bureau Veritas is willing to share its experience and ideas with Henan Provincial Government and the enterprises in Henan Province, gain a deeper understanding on the strategic development plan of Henan Province, and make better contribution to the development of Henan Province.”

On the signing ceremony, Zhao Kaiping introduced the present situation and recent economic development as well as interaction of Henan Province with Shanghai Municipality. He spoke highly of this cooperation between Shanghai Office of Henan Provincial Government and Bureau Veritas guided by an innovative thought of work.  

On behalf of Shanghai Office of Henan Provincial Government, Zhou Hongxiao delivered a speech on this cooperation: “The conclusion of this framework agreement with Bureau Veritas is a demonstration of our efforts in innovating our work mode and thought, integrating into the development of the Yangtze River Delta, giving fully play to our exemplary strength and better promoting the high-quality development of Henan Province's economy. By taking into account the economic development strategy of Henan Province as well as the industrial landscape of its cities, we propose the innovative thinking of "attracting investment over the whole industrial chain" in implementing the key requirements made by major leaders from the provincial party committee and Henan Provincial Government to "innovate in the way of attracting investment, plan for investment projects effectively, facilitate high-quality development and gain momentum for Henan's economy,  stress on business environment optimization, accelerate the development of emerging industries, promote the actual results of investment attraction and achieve integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta".

We have, since 2019, screened in a categorized manner high-quality enterprises at the Yangtze River Delta from fields of funding and consultation, specialized industrial parks, headquarters economy, top 500 of China and the world, top 100 of the industry, and certain market segments of "new infrastructure" industry. Henan Province shoulders responsibilities in implementing the national strategies of "ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin" as well as "rise of Central China". This conclusion of cooperation framework agreement with Bureau Veritas marks a progress in our "introduction of new business mode".

Bureau Veritas is an internationaly-renowed enterprise with terminal markets and business scope highly consistent with Henan Province's industrial landscape, showing a broad prospect for cooperation. In the future, Bureau Veritas may, according to its characteristics and the regional economic development of Henan Province, establish multi-dimensional cooperation with enterprises of Henan Province in varying fields to achieve a planned deployment. It is now both necessary and a great timing for the two sides to sign an agreement, and I sincerely hope a success of our cooperation!”