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Bureau Vertitas China Industry Division, founded in 1999, is professional in certification and inspection of industrial products. Its debut inspection is the surveillance and inspection of 14 units of hydraulic turbine generators for Electricite De France (EDF).


In Product Conformity Assessment, Mainly Engaged in:

ASME Accreditation and Product Inspection for Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufacturers.

Bureau Veritas China, as the overseas branch of One/TUV/BV, who is the Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA, accreditation number AIA-002) established by One Beacon America Insurance Company, has provided ASME New Accreditation, Renewal Accreditation for 112 Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufacturers and ASME Inspection services for 2285 units of stamped product from year 2000 till now, including Dalian Baoyuan Nuclear Equipment Co., Ltd., Dalian Hitachi Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd., Valmet-Xi'an Paper Machinery Co., Ltd., Kaifeng Air Separation Group Co., Ltd., Pall Filter (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Wuhan Boiler Company Limited, Handan Xinxing Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Morimatsu Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd., Taiyuan Boiler Group Co., Ltd., Yantai Moon Co., Ltd., The Eighth Construction Company of CNPC., Ltd. and so on.


Bureau Veritas Group, as the EU Authorized Agency,provides CE Certification for Relevant Products as per EU Pressure Equipment Directive(97/23/EC), Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive(99/36/EC), Machinery Directive(98/37/EC), Low Voltage Directive(2006/95/EC), EMC Directive(2004/108/EC), ATEX Directive(94/9/EC).


As far as PED certification is concerned, Bureau Veritas China has carried out certification of various products like Boiler, Pressure Equipment, Piping, Valve, Extinguisher for as many as 126 manufacturers from year 2001 till now, including China Western Power Industrial Co., Ltd., Nanjing Baose Co., Ltd., Jinxi Chemical Machinery (Group) Co. Ltd., Shanghai Yangyuan Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd., Zibo Taiji Industrial Enamel Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Yongxin Corrugate Pipe Co., Ltd, Guilin Rubber Machinery Factory, LanZhou High Pressure Valve Factory, Neway Valve (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd., DaLian DV Valve Co., Ltd., Ningbo Anke Fire Fighting Co.,Ltd. and so on.


In fields where Low Voltage Directive, EMC Directive applicable, Bureau Veritas China has certified many companies such as XIZI OTIS Elevator, Canny Elevator, Shenyang Brilliant, Mitsubishi Elevator and so on.
In ATEX certification, long-term cooperation has been made with national labs as Tianjin Chemical Research and Design Institute(PCEC), Shanghai Inspection and Testing Institute of Instruments and Automation Systems(NEPSI), Nanyang Explosion Protection Institute(CQST) and certification has been provided to companies such as Warom Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Ocean’s King Investment IMP. & EXP. Co., Ltd., Liaoning Zhongxing Explosion-proof Factory, Bentai Electronic Electromechanical Equipment (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., SEW-Eurodrive (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. and so on.


Engaged in Third Party Inspection/Certification According to Designated Standard
Made certification of ductile cast iron pipes for companies such as Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co., Ltd. Handan Plant, Saint-Gobain Pipelines Co.,Ltd. and so on in accordance with ISO standard and BS standard and made certification of pipes for companies such as Yixing Precision Pipelines Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Huadi Stainless Steel Group and so on in accordance with ASME/ASTM Standard.


All products imported into the Russian Federation require GOST certification. It certifies that the respective goods comply with the application Russian safety standards. GOST certificates are issued by a certification body accredited in GOST system (Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology). Most of the products that China exports to Russia belong to the mandatory certification scope. BV can deliver GOST certification in machinery, mining, metallurgy and automobile, etc.BV can issue Сertificate of conformity to GOST R (mandatory & voluntary), GOST Declaration, Certificate of Technical Regulation, RTN, etc.


INMETRO is short for The National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality. The products, which belong to the mandatory certification scope, can be exported to Brazil only if they get the INMETRO certification. INMETRO certification is applicable for many industrial products,With complete accreditation from INMETRO, BV can deliver INMETRO certification in automobile , machinery, mining, metallurgy and construction industries. BV is accredited by INMETRO (accredited number: OCP0018), we can deliver you reliable certification services. And BV delivers localized services (Audit, Witness and other local processes would be implemented by local engineers), which can help to reduce the cost and shorten the process.With a strong technical force, including experts and experienced engineers in machinery, material and other disciplines, BV can provide you high quality technical support services.


Made Product Inspection/Certification according to ISO Standard (e.g. ISO 11439), EN Standard, Yemen, Saudi Arabia standard for steel cylinder or gas cylinder and relevant gas valve companies, including:
Beijing Tianhai Industry Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jindun Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd., Shangdong Huanri Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ronghua Hi-pressure Vessel Co., Ltd., Handan Xinxing Heavy-machinery Co., Ltd., Qiqihaer Hua'an Special Vessel Co., Ltd., Shenyang Gas Cylinder Safety Technology Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang Enric, Jiangsu Yuhua Vessel Manufacture Co., Ltd, Shanghai Composite Hi-tech Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Clean Energy System For Car Co., Ltd, Chongqing Yifeng High Pressure Vessels Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Yongrun High Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd., Jiangnan Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai General Gas Valve Factory, Cixi Dachang Valve Manufacture Co., Ltd.

In Area of Product Inspection Service, BV Inspection Covers:

Bureau Veritas China, as the authorized inspection agency of Central Boiler Board of Indian Government, made IBR inspection for nearly 30 pipe manufacturers, including 4×600MW and 4×300MW coal fired units of Harbin Boiler Works Industrial Company and Dongfang Turbine Co., Ltd., 210MW coal fired units of Harbin Boiler Words Industrial Company and Harbin Turbine Co., Ltd.,160t/h Boiler of Jiangxi Jianglian Energy & Environment Co., Ltd. and Boiler of Wuxi Huaguang Industrial Boiler Co., Ltd. and Gangxi Wuguo Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd., valves of KSB Valves (Shanghai)Co., Ltd., VOLK Uniontech INC., Larsen & Toubro (Jiangsu) Valves Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou City Zhengdie Valve Co., Ltd., and Emerson Process Management (Tianjin) Valves Co., Ltd., pipes of Linyi Sanyuan Steel Pipe Industrial Co., Ltd., Yantai Lubao Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., Changzhou Changbao Precision Pipe Co., Ltd., Hengyang Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., Huadi Steel Group Co., Ltd., Tianjin Jinding Pipelines Co., Ltd. and so on.

Bureau Veritas China, as the inspection agency authorized by MOM, made MOM inspection of Pressure Vessel and filter according to Singapore Factories Act for such manufacturers as Wuxi LIMA Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd, Xi’an Shiky High Voltage Electric Co., Ltd., Pall Filter (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
As the authorized inspection agency of Malaysia Factories and Machinery (Steam Boiler and Unfired Pressure Vessel) Regulations, capable of providing inspections as per requirement of Malaysia Department of Occupational Safety and Health(DOSH),for instance, inspection of boiler at Wuxi Huaguang Industrial Boiler Co., Ltd. and inspection of heat exchanger at Hubei Dengfeng Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd.
As the authorized inspection agency of Australian and Zelanian Pressure Equipment codes,capable of providing AS inspection, for instance, inspection for pressure vessels of Ningbo Lehui Food Machinery Co., Ltd.


Bureau Veritas

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