Assessed Factories

Factories Name Product / Category Assessment Date
Jiangdu New Tianbao Foodstuff Machinery Co.,Ltd. Tanks 2012.11
Beijing Clim Dairy Equipment Co., Ltd. Tanks 2012.12
East electromechanical equipment installation engineering Co. Ltd (Shanghai ) Processing Equipment 2013.3
East mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Processing Equipment 2013.6
Shanghai Dongrun heat exchange equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. Tanks 2013.7
Shanghai Fu Chun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Processing Equipment 2013.7
Shanghai circular Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Tanks 2013.8
Shanghai Xianda mersen process equipment Co. Ltd. Processing Equipment 2013.8
Sanqiang Sanqiang Stainless Steel Container Co Ltd (Nantong factory) Tanks 2013.8
 Kunshan new hygienic materials Limited  Co. Ltd Processing Equipment 2013.8
Suzhou Xiechang environmental Polytron Technologies Co. Ltd Processing Equipment 2013.8
Yixing Beihai  Co. Ltd. (Shanghai) Tanks 2013.9
Zhaoqing Dongyang Niijima Stainless Steel Engineering Co. Ltd. Tanks 2013.9
Liyang Sifang stainless steel products Co., Ltd Tanks 2013.9
Shanghai Fu Sheng Machinery Development Co., Ltd. Processing Equipment 2013.12
Shanghai Sanqiang stainless steel vessel Co. Ltd. Tanks 2012.3
Shanghai Jiantao stainless steel equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. Tanks 2012.3
Shanghai Jinying Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Tanks 2012.3
Shanghai KingSun Steel Products Co., Ltd. Processing Equipment 2012.3
Guangzhou Shuttle stainless steel clean container Co. Ltd. Tanks 2012.4
Shanghai ShiShun stainless steel equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. Tanks 2012.4
Yongsheng machinery industry (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. Processing Equipment 2012.4
Shanghai Zhongtian Haoyu Polytron Technologies Co., Ltd. Processing Equipment 2012.4
Shanghai Benyou Machinery Co. Ltd. Processing Equipment 2012.5
Yangzhou Kaifen Machinery Co., Ltd. Processing Equipment 2012.5
Shijiazhuang Tiangong chemical machinery Co., Ltd. Processing Equipment 2012.6
Shijiazhuang Haosu Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Tanks 2012.6
Shijiazhuang Zhengyuanta equipment Co., Ltd. Processing Equipment 2012.6
Shijiazhuang power machinery equipment Co., Ltd. Tanks 2012.6
GEATechnology  Co., Ltd. (Shijiazhuang)  Processing Equipment 2012.6
Hebei Taihang Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. Processing Equipment 2012.6
Shijiazhuang Yangguang transportation equipment Co. Ltd. Processing Equipment 2012.6
Tianjin Huatai pressure container Co. Ltd. Processing Equipment 2012.6
Tianjin Xilun stainless steel products Co., Ltd. Tanks 2012.6
Yangzhou Yalian Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Steel Pipe 2012.9
MCC Liaoning Dragon Pipe Industries Co.,Ltd Steel Pipe 2012.9
Panyu Chu Kong Steel pipe Co., Ltd. Steel Pipe 2012.9
Faray Petroleum Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd. Steel Pipe 2012.10
Heifei Ziking Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Steel Pipe 2012.10
CNOOC Kingland Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Steel Pipe 2012.10
Shifengjuxing Tyre Co., Ltd. Tyre 2012.11
Fujian Haian Trubber Co., Ltd. Tyre 2012.11
Techking Tires Co., Ltd. Tyre 2012.11
China National Tire & Rubber Guilin Co., Ltd Tyre 2012.12
Qingdao Qizhou Rubber Co., Ltd.  Tyre 2012.12
Shandong Aneng Conveyor Belt & Rubber Co.,Ltd Conveyor Belts 2013.1
Shandong YiHe Rubber conveyor belts  Conveyor Belts 2013.1
Shandong Xiangtong Rubber Group Co., Ltd. Conveyor Belts 2013.1
Huaxia Rubber Industry Co.,Ltd Conveyor Belts 2013.1
Zhejiang Zunhua rubber and plastic industrial Co,.Ltd. Conveyor Belts 2013.3
Shandng Yuelong Rubber and Plastic Technology Co.Ltd./Tecflow Flexibles Yantail Limited Conveyor Belts 2013.2
Dalian Dianfeng Group/Tecnipak Conveyor Belts 2013.1
Hebei Haode Rubber & Plastics Co.,Ltd Conveyor Belts 2013.2
Zhejiang Tianji Rubber Co., Ltd Conveyor Belts 2013.2
Maanshan FeiFan rubber belt technology Co.,Ltd/ELEPHANT GROUP Co.,Ltd Conveyor Belts 2013.3
Zhejiang Double Arrow Rubber Co., Ltd./CONET BELT Co., Ltd. Conveyor Belts 2013.3
China(Yangzhou) Material Handling Tech-Engineering Ltd. Conveyor Belts 2013.3
Shanxi Phoenix Conveyor Belt Co., Ltd. Conveyor Belts 2013.3
Tangshan Mingtai Grinding Material Co., Ltd Grinding Ball 2013.5
Qianxi ADI Mechanical Casting Co. Ltd Grinding Ball 2013.5
Ningguo Chengxin Wear-Resistant Material Co.,Ltd Grinding Ball 2013.5
Jinan Jinchi Construction Materials Co.,Ltd Grinding Ball 2013.5
Zhangqiu Heavy Forging Co.,Ltd. Grinding Ball 2013.5
Shandong Huamin Steel Ball Joint-stock Co.,Ltd Grinding Ball 2013.6
Ningguo Kaiyuan Electric Power Wear Resestant Materials Co.,Ltd Grinding Ball 2013.5
Anhui Ningguo Wear-Resistant Fittings Factory Grinding Ball 2013.5
Anhui Fengxing Grinding Ball 2013.5
Tongling Non-ferrous JinShen Wear Resistant Material Co.,Ltd Grinding Ball 2013.5
Anshan Dongtai Wearable Material Co.,Ltd Grinding Ball 2013.5
China Minmentals Corporation (Jiangyin Xincheng) Grinding Ball 2013.6
Changshu Feifan Metalwork Co.,Ltd Grinding Ball 2013.6
ME Longteng Special Steel Co., Ltd. Grinding Ball 2013.6
Jinan Zhongtian Construction Material Co., Ltd. Grinding Ball 2013.6
Goldpro - Handan Grinding Ball 2013.7
Jiangsu Xiongfeng Technology Co., Ltd (Verne) Chemical 2013.8
Zhejiang Huayou Coblat Company Limited Chemical 2013.8
Mudanjiang Fengda Chemicals Import And Export Corporation (zhangjiagang Huayi) Chemical 2013.8
Zhengzhou Xinguang Mining Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd Screen 2013.9
Shenyang Sanland Crushing & Grinding Equipment Manufacture Co.,Ltd Screen 2013.9
Nanchang Mineral Systems Co. Ltd Screen 2013.10
Trio Screen 2013.10
General Kinematics Corporation Screen 2013.10
Hebei Wankuang Mine Machinery Factory Screen 2013.10
Shenyang Yuanda Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co (CNYD) Motor 2013.10
Jiamusi Electric Machine Co.,Ltd Motor 2013.10
Wuxi Huada Motors Co., Ltd Motor 2013.10
SEC Electric Machinery Co.,Ltd Motor 2013.10
China Coal Technology & Engineering Group Corp. Motor 2013.10
HICONICS Drive Technology Co.,LTd VFD 2013.11
Shenyang YUANDA Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co. (CNYD)/Spintecnologies  VFD 2013.11
RongXin Power Electronic (RXPE) VFD 2013.11
Shenzhen INVT Electric Co.,Ltd VFD 2013.11
Bray (China) Controls Co. Ltd Valves 2013.11
Henan Kaifeng High Pressure Valve Co.,Ltd(KF) Valves 2013.11
Zhengzhou Butterfly Valve Factory Co.,Ltd Valves 2013.11
ZheJiang HuaXia Valve Co., Ltd. Valves 2013.11
Baiqiang Valve Group (China) Co., Ltd. Valves 2013.11
Tonglu WANHE Valves Co.,Ltd  Valves 2013.11
Neway Valve (Suzhou) Co., Ltd/Tecval Valves 2013.12
Kunshan Shie Yu Valve Co., Ltd Valves 2013.12
Hebei Tongda Pump & Valve Group Co.,Ltd. Valves 2013.12
Ningbo Zhedong Precision Casting Co.,Ltd (Hopesun) GET 2013.11
Taiyuan Heavy Industry CO.,Ltd.Specialized Casting Sub-CO GET 2013.12
Ningbo Yinzhou Precision Casting Hardware Factory(NBLF) GET 2013.12
Ningbo Huizheng Special Steel Co.,Ltd (Turbo) GET 2013.12
Anhui Yingliu Electromechanical Co.,Ltd GET 2014.3
Dongying Hengcheng Foundry GET 2014.3
Northern Heavy Industries Group (Shenyang Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd) Ball Mill 2013.12
Dalian Tuo Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Ball Mill 2013.12
Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. Ball Mill 2013.12
CITIC Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Ball Mill 2013.12
Zhejiang Shengda Steel Tower Co.Ltd Ball Mill 2013.12
Tianjin Junfeng Steel Trade Co., Ltd Ball Mill 2014.1
Tangshan Grand Faith steel Co. Ltd Ball Mill 2013.12
CITIC Heavy Industries Co. Ltd Slag Pot 2014.1
Northern Heavy Industries Group (Shenyang Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd) Slag Pot 2013.12
Giant Heavy Industry Slag Pot 2013.12
Taiyuan Heavy Industry CO.,Ltd.(Agent by SHANGHAI YITONG IMP&EXP. CO., LTD.) Slag Pot 2014.1
Sinosteel Equipment & Engineering Co.,Ltd. Slag Pot 2013.12
Shanghai Mackorn Machinery Co., Ltd Slag Pot 2014.1
Dalian Palcast Special Products Co.,Ltd Slag Pot 2014.3
Twin City Fan (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (TCF) Fans 2014.1
Shenyang Blower Works Group  Corportation Fans 2014.1
The London Fan Company Ltd Fans 2014.1
Reitz Fans (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd Fans 2014.1
Gerenre de Ventas Andes Mining S.p.A GET 2014.5
 JW GET 2014.5
FPC GET 2014.5
Daqo Group Electrical Products 2014.2
Taikai Group. Shandong Taika Power Engineering Co.,Ltd Electrical Products 2014.2
QianTiang RiverElectric Co., Ltd Electrical Products 2014.3
CHINT Power Transmission & Distribution Co., Ltd Electrical Products 2014.3
TBEA Shenyang Transformer Group Co., Ltd Electrical Products 2014.3
China XD Group Electrical Products 2014.4
CHINT Electric Co., Ltd Cable 2014.4
Zhongli Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd Cable 2014.4
TBEA Shandong Luneng Taishan Cable Co., Ltd. Cable 2014.4
Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology Co.,Ltd Cable 2014.5
HuaTongGuHe Cable 2014.5
Todo Rubber Co., LTD Conveyor Belt 2014.4
Dongying Gold Rubber Co.,Ltd Conveyor Belt 2014.5
ShanDong HanBang Rubber Belt Co.,LTD Conveyor Belt 2014.4
Sino Rubber Belts co.,Ltd. Conveyor Belt 2014.5
Shandong Huitong Rubber Co., Ltd Conveyor Belt 2014.6
Qingdao Wending Rubber Co.,Ltd  Conveyor Belt 2014.6
ShanDongLongLi Conveyor Belt 2014.5
Shandong Chenguang Rubber Co., Ltd. (CGR CHINA) Conveyor Belt 2014.6
TTPCO(Tianjin TPCO & TISCO welding pipe) Pipe 2014.5
Tangshan Landsky Technology Co., Ltd Screen 2014.5
Liuzhou Liugong machinery accessories manufacturing Co., Ltd. Construction machinery 2012.11
Guangzhou Yonglian Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. Steel Structure 2012.11
Toko Steel Structure Co., Ltd. Steel Structure 2012.11
Wuxi Jiangnan Cable Co., Ltd. Cable 2012.11
Shanghai Fuyi Automation Co. Ltd. Steel Structure 2012.11
Prysmian China  Cable 2012.11
Xi'an geographic information system GIS 2012.11
XCMG  Construction machinery 2012.12
Shijiazhaung Kingda Pump Industry Group co.,LTD Pump 2012.12
Huayin Steel Structural Engineering Co Ltd > Kunshan > China Steel Structure 2012.12
Baosteel Steel Structure 2012.12
Changshu Longteng Special Steel Co., Ltd. Grinding ball 2012.12
Jiangsu Sunpower Technology Co., Ltd. Pressure vessel 2013.1
Nanjing Baose Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.  Pressure vessel 2013.1
Shanghai Morimatsu Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd.
Morimatsu (China) Group 
Pressure vessel 2013.1
Sichuan Bonny Heavy Machinery Co LTD  Construction machinery 2013.1
Zhejiang Double Arrow Rubber Co Ltd Conveyor Belt 2013.1
SinoSteel Hengyang Machinery Co LTD  Drilling Machine 2013.1
Qingdao Hanhe Cable Co.,LTD. Cable 2013.1
Shandong Shantui Construction Machinery Imp And Exp Co Ltd  Construction machinery 2013.1
Shareate Tools Ltd  Drilling Machine 2013.1
Ningbo Zhedong Precision Casting Co LTD GET 2013.1
Fujian Haian Rubber Co Ltd Tyres 2013.1


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