Wu QiCai, Construction Manager Industry and Facilities China 

I joined Bureau Veritas more than seven years ago, but I have been cooperated with Bureau Veritas during more than 10 years. That was 1997, Bureau Veritas was in charge of L'Oreal’s Suzhou new plant set-up and I was the engineer of Bureau Veritas’s subcontractor located on site. Mr. Zhuang Heming left me a deep impression about his working style, fluent English, generous and decisively behaviors. With the expansion of Construction department, I joined Bureau Veritas in 2003. In the beginning, I found that my self was very  poor in English and not familiar with company’s culture, business and procedures, and making myself under high pressure. Challenges were everywhere but I never think about giving up. I believe the completion of service contracts is the basic obligation of engineers; customer satisfaction is the fundamental engineers which is the soul of Bureau Veritas.

I witnessed many companies had fallen down in the past, but Bureau Veritas have been more than 180 year of professional experience. So amazing! That is because  "Integrity " and "social responsibility" are  the source of Bureau Veritas going ahead.

Bureau Veritas is worthy of respect. As a qualified Bureau Veritas employee is not easy. Compared to my professional colleagues, I am not outstanding, but I never regret my golden days working in Bureau Veritas.




Yang Wu, operation manager of TLS China South Region, Industry and Facilities 

I joined Bureau Veritas in 1994 and at that time there were only three employees in Bureau Veritas Guangzhou. With  the fast economic development of China in 1990s, the focus of world container industry has transferred its manufacturing to China. From the beginning of more than 100 thousands of containers TEU of annual output to peak around an annual output of over 3 million TEU, accounting for the world's container production of more than 90 percent. And our Guangzhou Transport and Logistics Services (TLS)  team, to 12 people.

Bureau Veritas is the first one which entered into the container-inspection business classification of China, with a good brand reputation.  With the unremitting efforts of all my colleagues in TLS, we have achieved a very brilliant performance. Market share had reached unbelievable 80 percent or more. Bureau Veritas has become a synonym for the industry. Many customers are used to say Bureau Veritas test when they mention the container inspection.

Once  a customer from Canada has invited Bureau Veritas and another main competitor to witness on product’s performance of a trial in front of their key usersand after a whole day hard working, I  thought although we do not need submit a report to clients immediately, but I guess they may ask for a wrap –up meeting, so I spent a few hours through the night to design the form of testing, and prepared some ideas and suggestions to improve the products in future. Surely, when the next day came after the trial, customers required to have a conclusion half an hour later and I immediately took advantage of this time trial to key in data in the prepared form and make a copy for every participant. Half an hour later, when we all sit down at table,  everyone  was surprised and satisfied when they found the clear test data. On the contrary, our competitor did nothing. This customer sent a thanks letter to us especially, and when they needed services related to the classification societies one year later, only Bureau Veritas received the invitation.

Many similar cases happened in our TLS. It really commendable that a company not only be alive more 180 years in the world, but also head to a higher goal with unprecedented energy. As an employee of Bureau Veritas China, I look forward to provide more high-value services to China and other companies around the world with the help of Bureau Veritas's leading technology and advantages of globalization, while achieving self-development. My colleagues and I are willing to contribute our efforts.





Piers, Environmental and Energy Efficiency Services Manager

I started my career with Bureau Veritas three years ago. My first position was as construction project engineer. I worked on different construction projects such as 2010 Shanghai World Expo Pavilions and the Beijing French Embassy, but also on energy audits and green building projects.  Since 2010, I have been able to work full time on Environmental and Green Building services. This sector is growing field within BV with a great potential. We assist construction projects during design, construction and operation to implement good Green Building practice to make companies obtain Green Building Certification. We also carry out environment site assessment and Health Safety and Environmental conformity audits for industrial sites.

Bureau Veritas strongest asset is its employees. From the beginning I have learned constantly from my colleagues in many different fields. Joining BV shortly after my graduation, I have so much to learn in my job, solving problems and striving to create value for the client. I am thankful I have always found the necessary support within BV, both technically from my highly qualified colleagues but also in support from management that encourages new developments. My position has taught me enormously from the commercial part to the project execution. It’s been very exciting working for an ambitious company like BV in a growing market.



Joe, Graduate Environmental Consultant

Having completed an MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College London, I went straight into the new graduate program offered by Bureau Veritas in September 2006.  One of the big attractions of the programme for me had been the opportunity to work in a variety of different fields within the environmental sector, and in this I have not been disappointed: every working day has been different.

I began in the Environmental Management, Sustainability and Risk (EMS&R) department, where I worked on a number of projects.  These included supporting a pilot targeting waste crime with the Environmental Agency, and working on Corporate Social Responsibility with Legal and General, as well as writing articles on environmental issues for various publications.  Furthermore, I was fortunate enough to be heavily involved in a project assessing the work of the Carbon Trust, which involved working with individuals from all levels within Bureau Veritas and closely with the Carbon Trust itself, as well as extensive travel to private industrial clients around the country.

As graduates, we were rotated every three months, and as such I have now completed placements in three further fields: Air Quality, Flood Risk and Development, and Noise and Vibration.  As a result, I have worked on everything from the Sustainability Appraisal of the new London Air Quality Strategy, to Flood Risk Assessments of proposed developments and Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), and the impacts of noise pollution on wildlife.  I have also spent a lot of time out in the field, monitoring air quality, recording noise pollution, and even working on an RSPB reserve.

Having just completed my graduate year, I have gone straight into an assistant consultant role within my chosen business unit (EMS&R), where I have been given responsibility for co-ordinating an Environmental Management System that spans Europe, as well as joining the EIA team.

Bureau Veritas is careful to encourage the personal professional development of its graduates, and I have emerged from the programme as a well trained consultant, having made a good start towards Chartered status.  Furthermore, there is a lot of respect for the fresh thinking that young graduates can bring into an organisation or even an entire field, and as such I have been heavily involved in business development work for the company, giving me invaluable experience in the way private and public business works, on top of the experience of the environmental sector.




Simon, Graduate Environmental Consultant

I joined Bureau Veritas in September 2006. My first three months were spent working in London in their Air Quality team alongside both Senior and Principal Consultants. The Air Quality team does everything from contributing to Environmental Impact Assessments, to managing the UK monitoring network for ambient air quality. 
I had never experienced working in a professional environmental consultancy before, so starting out was a little nerve-racking. But, naturally, my colleagues were very welcoming, and it didn’t take long for me to settle down and feel like part of the team.
Because of the way the graduate programme is structured it has helped to make my daily activity very varied. I have done everything from building and running my own dispersion models, to trekking through large quarries or construction sites. I really enjoy the fact that one day I can be researching an entirely new project in the office, and the next I can be at the other end of the country visiting a client! The people we deal with are in real need of advice and are passionate about improving their mark on the environment. We are renowned in the industry for our commitment to delivering quality services to people and businesses, so it's really satisfying being able to help.
I have now started my second placement working for the Land and Water Quality team, which includes working alongside colleagues in the Flood Risk and Development team. I have only been here three weeks and already I have finished my first technical report. The learning curve is extremely steep in each department, but I enjoy this challenge, as well as independence and freedom colleagues give you with regard to the decisions you make about your work. As a result, I have been able to transfer a lot of the skills that I gained at University to the work I now do as a graduate environmental consultant. The most important being the ability to research, and recognise new concepts quickly, in order to meet our clients’ deadlines.
The graduate programme has provided me with a fantastic platform from which to experience the most fundamental aspects of work associated with top-end consultancies. From a personal perspective, it is unusual to be given such responsibility at this early stage in my career, but that just makes me all the more determined to succeed.  



Robert, Graduate Environmental Consultant

After graduating from the University of Manchester with a degree in Geography and Geology I wasn’t sure what my career path should be.  I was definitely interested in my degree, but there were so many aspects of geography that I hadn’t covered and was interested in exploring.  The graduate programme at Bureau Veritas offered just the right mix of new geographical concepts and topics covered in my university studies.  With four placements during the first year there is plenty of scope for exploring new aspects of geography.
I started off working in Industrial Emissions Measurement and was immediately thrust into a vibrant dynamic environment, with lots of work opportunities and therefore lots of opportunities to learn.  On a day to day basis I spent time calibrating equipment under the supervision of an experienced equipment manager, so I could learn the necessary skills for using the equipment when I was on a client’s site.  When out on site I was involved with the manual labour, but also in the running of equipment and measurement recording.  Having experienced consultants willing to help me learn how to record results and willing to let me have a go made me feel welcome on the team.
I am now working in Acoustics and Vibration where I am recovering knowledge from school days to help out with some of the physics and maths involved.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far and look forward to developing more skills to help lead Bureau Veritas into the future.

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